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The Lar Kap are the aliens that kidnapped Chante. The Lar Kap go around planets and kidnap the local species, performing medical experiments on them; sometimes they let them go or carry them away on the Lar Kap home world. Now for some reason unknown they are really interested in humans. The Lar Kap are short and are slightly human in appearance. They are light grayish-green in color, and have large bald heads with small chins, large black almond shaped eyes, and have thin arms ending with hands with four thin fingers. The Lar Kap may seem weak and helpless, but their weak appearance is only skin deep: The Lar Kap can pop out of their skin like a cocoon, revealing their true monstrous form.

Tah comes from the alien race called the Sarfnars. Thousands of years ago, Tah's people came to a planet in our solar system to escape a war and earth might be that planet. Tah was on his way to earth with his brother and sister to scan it for his ancestors, when the Lar Kap took him. When Chante was kidnapped, she met Tah and the two soon became friends. Tah has a high sense of honor, duty, integrity, and personal courage. Tah is also very protective which is a inborn trait of his people. As Tah and Chante travel trough space Tah does his best to protect the young eight year old girl from danger which Chante resents.

Chante was a eight year old girl living a normal life on her family farm back in 1940. But when she was kidnapped by the Lar Kap, nothing about Chante's life was normal again. Until Chante was kidnapped, she was tough, but soft-hearted, sentimental, and smart. After Chante is kidnapped by the Lar Kap, she changed. From Tah's influence, Chante became more brave, independent, and more impetuous. And with Tah's help, Chante escapes the Lar Kap to face the unknown.

Nokkar is a alien sentinel sent to earth thousands of years ago to protect our galaxy from alien invaders called the Space Spawn. Over the centuries the invaders never arrived and Nokkar was bored. On the part of earth Nokkar settled there was a tribe of inhabitants, since there was no outside invaders, Nokkar decided to protect them instead. But after hundreds of years those people were gone. But then Nokkar sensors detected the Lar Kap ship and he went out to investigate.

Yobah is Tah's brother. Yobah, went with Tah on his Scouting mission, and was looking for Tah when his ship went missing. Yobah is brave like his brother but he is a little bit more on the careful side. Yobah is very frank sometimes and he will speak his mind. Yobah is not like Tah, and is not as accepting of anything different. Even though Yobah seems cruel, and arrogant he has a good heart.

Sharah is Tah's sister. She was also with Tah on his Scouting trip. Sharah is more like Tah but more sentimental, moral, and compassionate.


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