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NOTE:So that it will be perfectly clear, This fanfic is partly based on "GARGOYLES" the animated t.v. show which is made by Disney and are not mine in any way, and some of the characters from the show "GARGOYLES" might be used without Disney's permission.


My name is Chante.

I'm a NYPD Detective of the 23rd precinct in Manhattan. About two days ago, while I was out on my patrol, I received a call on my radio about a robbery in progress on Canal Street and Broadway. When I arrived on the scene, I was already beaten there. There was a red and white car outside in front of the store. The car was one of those old cars from the seventies.

Also in front of the store was a man who looked like he was scared out of his mind. I walked up to him.

"Chante Hall NYPD." I said as I showed the man my badge. "Can you tell me what happened here?

The man looked at me. "A-A large monster attacked m-m-me." The man said shaking with fear. "Two other cops came earlier and went in-s-side!"

I looked at the man suspiciously.

"A monster you say?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah." The man added.

"Okay you stay here. I'll go check it out." I said as I took out my gun and went inside the dark store.

When that man said "monsters" I was thinking about a "monster" that I knew from a long time ago. But that "monster" was a billion miles away. I was just hoping that the man was just saying that out of the shock of being robbed.

I hope.

I looked a head and saw a door, kicked open. I walked on. Soon I a saw a women, a female cop I assume, laying on the floor knocked out. I walked up to her to check up on her. She was knocked out but she was going to be okay. She was starting to wake up.

"Matt," she mumbled.

I assumed that Matt was her partner. As I got up from the ground, I heard a loud roar. I ran towards the sound. I ended up running into another room.

I saw the shadow of a large figure with red glowing eyes. And standing in front of him about to get killed was a man, the partner of the woman cop that was knocked out. He had just got his gun swiped away from him and was about to get his head swiped off.

"Oh sh-" The man was starting to say when I fired my gun.


I fired three shots from my gun that hit a overhead light that fell off and landed on that monster. The exposed wires shocked the monster causing him to roar in pain. He fell to the ground stunned. The male cop, surpised that he still had his head backed a way.

He turned around and saw me.

"Who are you?" The tall, red headed man asked.

I walked over to his partner who was still knocked out and helped her off the floor. "My name is Chante Hall." I said.

"Ow my head." The woman responded waking up. "What happened?"

"Oh nothing much." I said. "I was just saving your partner from getting his head swiped off that's all."

"Thanks for saving my bacon back there." The man said.

I gave the man one of my smug looks. "Yeah, you'll welcome. I said, walking off. "You should be more careful next time."

Too bad I didn't get a chance to have a closer look at that "monster". But I'll ask Captain Chavez to give me this case.

She let me have it alright.

Along with a new partner Matt Bluestone, the same man that I just saved. And later on, I found out who that "monster" was.

It was that evil creature Dragnok.

And he has finally come to earth as I feared.

And later on, I found out that Matt Bluestone and his former partner and friend Elisa Maza knew these noble creatures called "Gargoyles" who protect the city even though the people here fears and hates them.

I wasn't surpised or shocked when I met the Gargoyles. I know all about them. I know more about them then they know about themselves.

And later as time went on, they ran into Dragnok who was making plans to take over earth. And every time the Gargoyles foiled his plans.

But barley.

And now Dragnok wants the Gargoyles destroyed.

I admire the Gargoyles for fighting something that not even from this planet (not like they know that).

Dragnok and I been having our private little war for years.

And I haven't been able to defeat him yet.

Maybe it would of been better if I told Elisa and her Gargoyles the truth. But that means I would have to explain. Explain a lot. And there are some things I don't want to talk about. There are so many secrets in my life...mistakes. Things that I can't explain. Things that I should of done but didn't.

I should of known that Dragnok and his army would someday come to earth.

Now I understand why I was sent back home. I thought that once I was back on earth I could forget everything that happened and get on with my life. But sometimes the past has a funny way of catching up with you.

Someday I will have to tell the Gargoyles everything. They will find out. It would be only a matter of time. But first I will have to tell the story to myself. Maybe then I will be able to explain everything to them. It all started 58 years ago....


I was about eight years old.

My life was pretty normal. At lease that was what I remembered. I was young then so I couldn't remember everything about my past life. I know that I used to live on a farm in the country with my parents and my four older brothers. I wish I could remember everything that happened in that last year of my normal life. I remember all the cows, ducks, horses, and chickens that was on our small farm. I recall how I used to have to wake up four o'clock every morning to help my brothers milk the cows before going to school. In the fall, when our small crop will be ready to harvest, I would have to help with the harvesting. Even though I wake up early in the morning, sometimes I still would sometimes miss school. And my parents had a strong belief in education. Sometimes I would spend my Saturdays making up homework I owe for three days ago.

But those days are now gone I guess. My simple life of a farm girl in the country was about to change forever on one night in the fall. It was midnight when it happened. I could tell it was midnight because when I looked out my window, the moon was high in the sky. As I watched the moon in the dark starry background, I noticed a flash of orange-white light across the sky. "Shooting stars" was what my father called them. And at that moment, that what I thought it was, a shooting star.

In about a few minutes I was going to realize how wrong I was.

I was about to fall back a sleep when suddenly I heard a loud noise like a pan falling. It sounded like it was coming from the barn where the animals were.

Thinking that someone forgot to lock up the barn, I got out my bed, slipped on my pants and went outside the back door. When I got outside, I picked up the lantern that was right there. I lit the lantern and walked towards the barn.

As I got closer to the barn, I saw that the door that led to the cows was open. I heard another noise as the cows started mooing.

"H-Hello?" I said in a slight shaky voice, expecting a night demon to creep up behind me.

No response.

I slowly walked in the barn. I hung the lantern on the wall and picked up a pitch fork trying to be brave.

"Who is there?!" I said again in a slightly braver voice.

There was no answer, except a moo from one of the cows.

I prepared to speak again.

"I said, who's out t--AHHHHHH!" I screamed as I was suddenly grabbed from behind.

I dropped my pitch fork and turned around.

"BoBo?!" I said catching my breath. BoBo was my oldest brother.

"I always git you with dat one!" BoBo said laughing.

I wasn't laughing along. I didn't like being scared like that in the middle of the night.

"That wasn't very funny." I said.

"Oh Chantie, you know dat I was just playin'" BoBo said. "And besides, what were you doin' walking 'round in the middle of the night anyway?"

"I heard someone in the barn." I said.

"It was just lil' old me." BoBo said. "Thought I forgot to lock the barn door. You know how dad gets on us about not lockin' the door."

"You're right I guess." I said yawning. "Time for me to get back to bed."

"I'll walk you ba-"


BoBo was cut off when there was a sudden flash of light outside that lit up the dark barn. I could hear the horses on the other side of the barn neigh nervously.

"What in the devil was dat??!!" BoBo shouted in surpise.

"Lighting?" I said trying to hide the nervousness in my voice.

BoBo was about to agree with me, when suddenly, the light flashed by again. And this time it didn't go away. The barn stayed lit.

"Dat ain't no lighting." BoBo said darkly. "I'm goin' outside to check this out. Chante you stay."

"But I want to go with you!" I said protesting.

"Chante stay here!" BoBo said firmly. "You'll be safer."

I was about to protest again, but BoBo ran out the barn already. After a brief pause, I heard BoBo yell out a word I couldn't repeat. But I knew by the sound of BoBo's voice that what ever he saw scared the daylights out of him.

"BoBo!" I called out, as I ran out the barn.

When I got outside, I saw BoBo standing there looking up, terrified. I started to become afraid too, because nothing scares BoBo.

I started to look up.

And that's when I saw it. A large, round, black oval shaped thing hovering in the sky. All around it were these blinding blue-white lights. It was twice the size of the barn. It was twice the size of our house.

That large black thing hovered in the air, stirring up the air around us. the dust and dirt from the ground was stirred up in the wind. I looked back and saw the tuffs of grass that was growing out the sides of the barn swaying side to side.

No one heard of UFO's back then. At least where I was from. If I knew what a UFO was back then, I would of known what I just saw, a UFO.

" th-that a plane?" I asked in a terrified voice, knowing well enough that what I was seeing was not an air plane. That UFO in the sky did not look like any of the air planes I've ever seen.

"Chante you know well enough that ain't no air plane." BoBo said a shaky voice.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I had to fight an urge to run yelling back to the house, where I could crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head. But as scared as I was, I couldn't move. I was both too terrified and amazed to move. I guess BoBo felt the same way.

Then suddenly, all the blue-white lights that was on the side of this large UFO went off, and a group of dimmer lights went on. The air that was stirred up by the UFO stopped moving. The air became restless and still.

Then under the UFO, a large, red dim light went on. It started to glow brighter and brighter by the second.

"W-W-What is it doing?" BoBo whispered sounding shaky, not moving.

"I don't know, but I'm not sticking around to find out." I said as I backed up slowly getting ready to run.

"Come on BoBo, let's go!" I called out.

BoBo didn't move.

And that dim red light that was above BoBo was awfully bright now. Something told me that something was going to happen.

"BoBo, look out!!" I yelled out as I ran up to BoBo, and pushed him out the way.

When I got up from the ground, I suddenly felt something warm on me. It felt like the kind of warmth you feel from standing in the sun. I looked and everything around me was red.

BoBo got up from the ground and turned around.

"Chante!" He yelled out.

I tried to move. I couldn't. I felt this strange tingle on my body. I tried to move again. Nothing. That red light had me trapped some how.

"Chante!!!" BoBo yelled again running towards me.

"BoBo!!" I yelled out. "Help me!"

Right before BoBo could reach me, I saw a flash of bright light.

And then everything was dark.

The last thing I remember was feeling terrified and frightened.


Suddenly, I woke up.

"BoBo?" I called out weakly.

I looked around. I was in this white-gray room. It had no doors or windows. I was laying on my back on this hard metal table. I looked up and saw a bright white light shining down. I tried to sit up and then I realized that I couldn't move.

I looked all around me and saw that there was no ropes or anything holding me down. It was like there was some invisible force holding me in place. I couldn't even move my head up.

Then out of the blue, this lazer light (I didn't know it was a lazer light at the time) went over my body starting from my feet. I blinked as the light went over my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again I saw four human like beings surround me.

They were about four feet tall stood on two legs like me, and had two long thin arms. Their skin were a light grayish-green color. They had large bald heads with small chins, and had these two large beady black eyes. The creatures thin arms each ended in a hand with four long slender fingers.

I was too shocked, scared and amazed to say anything.

The four beings looked at each other and then they looked at me.

One of the beings walked up to me and put it's four finger hand on my head.

Suddenly I felt calmer. I had that feeling you feel when you just had a bad dream and suddenly you wake up and realize that everything is going to be alright.

A normal sane person, especially an eight year old girl, would freak out if an Alien being (if I knew about aliens at that time), came up and put it's hands on you. And the fact that I felt calmer instead of panicked freaked me out. I arched my head back and started to scream. But I blacked out before I could utter out a single sound.


I woke up again but more slowly this time. I felt that I was on something soft. A bed.

I sat up. I realized that I wasn't pinned down. I looked around and saw that I was in a small white room with a bed, a table, a dresser, and other things you would find in a normal bedroom. For a split second, I thought I was home.

"What?" I called out confused.

I was distracted by a roaring banging noise. I looked to the left and realized that I wasn't home after all. Across from me I saw a creature more horrifying than the human-like beings I saw. He was trapped, banging on a glass panel.

The being was about eight feet tall. He was forest green in color. He had strong arms that ended in five strong clawed fingers. He also had two strong legs and stood on his four clawed toes. There was also a claw-like thing sticking out the back of his heels.

What really got my attention was his demon-like face, his massive bat-like wings, and his tail.

And that winged demon-like creature was banging on the glass, roaring with his eyes glowing hot white. I was wondering if the beings that took me did the same thing to him.

I walked up to the glass and tapped on it.

"Um, hello?" I called out to the enraged creature knowing that he might not understand a word I was saying.

Instantly the creature stopped roaring. He seemed to calm down a bit as he eyes stopped glowing. And he looked at me.

I stepped back at his glaze almost falling to the floor.

The creature looked at me in a curious way.

"A human?" The creature said. "And a young one at that."

I just stood there with my mouth wide open. "You can talk??!" I said in surpise.

"Of course." The creature said.

For some strange reason I didn't wonder how he could speak perfect English. I was just amazed at the fact that he could talk.

"Um," I said, "My name is Chante, what is yours?"

"My kind are called the Sarfnars. My name is Tah-Chron-Tak of the Tak Clan." The creature said.

I just stood there was a dumb look on my face.

"Could I just call you Tah?" I asked. "If you don't mind that is."

"I don't mind at all." Tah said as he capped his wings around his shoulders. "I'm sorry that I frightened you with my roaring."

"That's all right." I said, getting used to the idea that I was talking to this creature named Tah. "Where are we?" I asked.

"We are on a Lar Kap space ship." Tah said.

"Space ship?" I repeated confused.

"Yes," Tah said seeing my confusion. "We are traveling on this ship far way from your planet."

"What!" I yelped out in surpise. "But why? Who are these Lar Kap people, and why are they taking me!"

"The Lar Kap are the aliens that took you." Tah said.

"Those short big eyed people?!" I said.

"Yes." Tah replied. "They took me from my scout ship. Before they captured me I send out a distress beacon to my fellow Clan members in the fighter ship. I hope that they will rescue me soon."

"But why?" I asked again.

"The Lar Kap are a strange species." Tah said. "They go around planets and kidnap the local species, performing medical experiments on them. Sometimes they let them go, or carry them away to zoos on the Lar Kap home world. But lately for some strange reason they have been really interested in humans."

"I don't believe this!" I protested. "I'm going to be displayed in a zoo! Like an animal?! No way! I'm getting out of here!"

Then I tried to kick at the glass that was in front of me like that was going to accomplish much.

"No young one!" Tah said. "There is no way out! I tried! And the ones that do escape end up dead or worse."

In the far distance I heard a loud inhuman scream.

With a sigh, I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs.

"Will I ever see my home again?" I asked Tah.

"Maybe young one." Tah said. "When my Clan members come and free us I'll make it my promise to see that you get back to you're planet."

"Thanks." I said to Tah.


For about a week, Tah and I was trapped in our prison. But that give us enough time to learn about each other. I told Tah about my world and Tah told me about his. Tah told me that a long time ago his early ancestors came to a planet to escape a war and earth might be that planet. He was coming to check earth out when the Lar Kap snatched him up. Many years later when I came back to earth, and met the Gargoyles, I knew that earth was that planet.

On the eight day of my entrapment, I was starting to get tired of waiting.

"Tah, I don't think your friends are comin' to rescue us anytime soon." I said.

"They will come." Tah said stubbornly.

"Listen," I said. "Has it occurred to you that we may have to get out of here ourselves?"

Tah thought a moment. "Maybe." Tah said. "But the Lar Kap knows our weakness. I tried to break out of here twice and they gassed me."

"Well that was because you was working alone." I said. "But if the both of us work together we can get out of here. They won't expect anything from lil' old me."

"Yes," Tah said brightening up. "You can provide a distraction!"

"Yep." I said. "And I have a plan."

I told Tah my plan and we waited.


After a few hours of waiting, one of the Lar Kap aliens came by our cages to feed us. At that time, I didn't understand how they could of known what we ate. But later, when I got older, I figured out they must of scanned our brains when they caught us.

Well any way, the short big-eyed alien came by with two covered oval plates. Instantly, the glass panel in front of our cages went up. Since Tah had a history of trying to escape, a lazer beam gate force field went across his cage.

Tah looked at me and nodded.

"Hey, little man!" I called out to the alien, "When are you goin' to send me back home?!"

The alien put down my plate and looked at me.

You don't understand what we are doing little one, The alien said in a strange voice that I could only hear in my head. We are doing this to save your people.

"They talk by using telepathy," Tah explained when he saw my confused and shocked look. "They use their thoughts to talk."

"Save my people??!!" I shouted back, "You call taking people away from their homes and doing experiments on them 'saving'??! What you are doing is like slavery but only worse! You capture and trap other beings like animals!"

While I was talking, Tah managed to pick up his plate. Having a feeling of what he was going to do, I kept talking, keeping the Lar Kap alien distracted.

Listen, The Lar Kap alien said again, What we are doing might look cruel but-Ahhhhh!

At this time, Tah threw his plate at the Lar Kap alien, hitting him in the head. Some type of reddish purplish food fell to the floor. I jumped out my prison, and knocked the Lar Kap alien in the head. The Lar Kap alien fell back towards Tah cage. Tah reached out between the lazer beams and grabbed the Lar Kap alien with his massive hands.

Tah grabbed the Lar Kap around his small neck. "Open. The. Cage." Tah said in a deadly one-word-at-a-time voice with eyes glowing.

"Yeah, do what he says!" I said.

Instantly, the lazer beams keeping Tah trapped disappeared.

"Take us to the loading dock NOW!" Tah ordered to the Lar Kap, with his eyes glowing more brightly on the word "now".

You don't know what you doing! The Lar Kap said in our heads. Go back to your holding cells. I will not be responsible for what happens if you disobey.

"No." I said smugly. "What are you going to do, send your friends after us? Hah! Just do what my friend here said."

The Lar Kap pointed one of his long thin fingers forward. I was feeling pretty smug now. I might just make it home after all. I mean what could the Lar Kap do to us? Tah looked like he could beat a whole army of them. Even I could take them on. I was basically bigger and taller than they were.

But soon I was about to learn my first lesson in battle, never underestimate the power of your enemies.

The Lar Kap lead us through several doors and finally stopped when we got in this big garage sized room. The loading dock is behind those large doors. The Lar Kap said. Your ship is in there.

Then suddenly, the door that we just went through opened behind us. We looked back and we saw five Lar Kap aliens run in.

We order you to return to your holding cells now! The lead Lar Kap said to us like we were children.

"It looks like we have a problem." I said.

Tah took the Lar Kap alien that he was holding and threw him at the others, causing them to fall to the ground.

"Come on let's go!" Tah said as he picked me up.

"Whoa!" I yelped in surpise.

With a couple of bounding steps, Tah ran to the large door, put me down, and tried to open it, by banging into it. Tah was placing dents in the big thick, white metal door.

Stop! The Lar Kap aliens demanded while running towards us.

I was about to start running, but then I thought, Why run?

"Tah!" I said pointing, "They are coming after us!"

Tah stopped banging on the door and turned around. He looked like he had the same thought I did.

"Lets take care of them first and then we can get out of here." Tah said smiling. "Are you sure you can fight them young one?"

"I sure." I said getting ready to fight. "I have four brothers at home. If I can wrestle them, the I can surely take on these weak walkin' sticks."

The six Lar Kap aliens surrounded us. Tah unfurled his massive wings, hitting the six Lar Kap, knocking them to the floor.

"Wow!" I said to Tah. "That was great!"

The six Lar Kap were on the floor, trying to pick themselves up.

This is your LAST warning! One of the Lar Kap said more forcefully this time, as he got up. Go back in your holding cells NOW!

There was something telling me that maybe I should listen to them this time. They sound really serious. But I shook it off. I wasn't going to let some four feet tall aliens scare me.

"No." Tah and I said at the same time. I crossed my arms.

For a few seconds, the Lar Kap just stood there quiet. But then something started to happen.

All at once, the Lar Kap started to strain, like they were trying to go to the bathroom. Then I saw their skin stretch like something was trying to come out.

"What is goin' on here..." I said uneasily as I stepped behind Tah.

"I don't know..." Tah rumbled cautiously.

Then suddenly, the Lar Kap four fingered hands split open. What was left were these three huge greenish brown, three fingered claws. They made Tah's hands look small.

Then the skin on the Lar Kap legs and feet split open. Both their legs and feet grew, making them about three feet taller. The color of the Lar Kap legs and feet matched their massive sized hands. The Lar Kap stood on the tips of their two clawed toed feet like Tah. They also had spiked heels like Tah.

What happened to the Lar Kap next would scare me to death.

The Lar Kap heads stretched as if someone grabbed the top of their head and chin and pulled it in the opposite direction. Their small mouths which you barely noticed, opened wider and wider. Suddenly these large brownish green, fanged, insect looking mouth parts popped out.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed.

I guess the transformation was complete because the remaining grayish-green skin that was left of the old Lar Kap ripped away. What was left was a seven feet tall, hard greenish brown skin, clawed demon from hell. The only trace of the old Lar Kap was their large massive black eyes.

"You have one more chance!" One of the Lar Kap actually said in a massive large voice, not projecting his words in our heads, "Back in your-"

"No!" Tah said stepping forward in front of me. "No matter what form you take, we will still fight!"

"Tah are you mad!" I demanded as I grabbed his arm. "They are bigger and meaner! There is no way you could take six of them at the same time!"

"You should listen to your friend," One of the Lar Kap said pointing a clawed finger at him. "What do you value more, your freedom, or your life?"

That question had me thinking. I started to remember the stories that my father told me about a time not to long ago when our people were made into slaves and how many of them risk death by escaping so that they could be free.

"Go get them Tah!" I said. "I rather die than to be trapped like an animal!"

Tah turned around and looked at me. "But what will happen if I die? Who would be around to protect you?"

That stopped me in my tracks. "You will protect me? But you have only known me for a week!"

"It is a Sarfnar's nature to protect." Tah said to me. Then he turned to face the Lar Kap. "We surrender," He said quietly.

"Get them!" One of the Lar Kap said. "And take them both to the white room as punishment."

"NOOOO!" Tah bellowed with eyes glowing. "Leave the young one alone!!!"

Then Tah charged at the six Lar Kap, catching them off guard. Tah managed to grab one of them, and threw him into the others.

Tah was winning the fight but not for long. Two of the Lar Kap managed to slice Tah across his chest.


"Tah!" I yelled out.

While Tah was being pinned down by the Lar Kap, one of them managed to sneak up on me.

"AHHHH!" I yelled as the Lar Kap grabbed me from behind.

I tried to move, but I couldn't. The Lar Kap held me tight.

"Stop fighting or I'll kill your human friend." The Lar Kap holding me said.

Tah growled and he stopped moving. The other five Lar Kap lifted Tah from the floor.

Only a miracle is goin' to save us now, I thought as the Lar Kap were preparing to lead us away.

To be continued...