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NOTE: Just in case you didn't know: This fanfic is partly based on the animated t.v. show "GARGOYLES" which belongs to Disney and are not mine in any way. Some of the characters from "GARGOYLES" that might be used in this fanfic belongs to Disney and are not mine in any way, ect, ect.

Previously on the Chante Files...

"BoBo! Help me!"

(To Tah) "My name is Chante, what's yours?"

(Tah) "We are on a Lar Kap space ship."

(Chante) "If the both of us work together we can get out of here."

(Lar Kap alien) "You don't know what you are doing! Go back to your cells! I won't be responsible for what happens if you disobey!"

(Chante) "What are you going to do? Send your friends after us?"

(Scene of Lar Kap aliens transforming into their monstrous form)
-From "The Journey"

The Lar Kap aliens were preparing to take us away.

"You will not hurt her!" Tah protested to the Lar Kap who was carrying me.

"I'm alright Tah!" I said. "Please, don't make them-"


There was suddenly a loud banging noise that shook through the ship. And then suddenly, alarms went off, and lights started to flash.

"We are under attack!" One of the Lar Kap yelled out. "Lock the human and the Sarfnar in their cells and-AAAAAAAHHHH!"

The Lar Kap was cut off when a beam of green lazer light went through the door Tah was trying to open earlier, and into the Lar Kap. For a brief second he had a look of pure pain on his face and then he sizzled to a cinder and disappeared.

"I told you my Clan would come!" Tah shouted gleefully.

A large tall figure then walked through the hole the lazer made. He was so tall that he had to duck his head slightly. He was tall and skinny, and was wearing a black suit with a sliver metal chest and arm plates. His boots were metal too. The tall alien had a small dark brown block-like head. You would of think that he was a statue of some kind if you would of just saw his head alone. If I would of known it at the time, His face look just those statue heads of Easter Island. Much later I was going to find out why.

"I don't think he's one of your Clan members Tah," I said looking at the tall alien.

The tall alien looked around. In his hand was a grayish white pistol-like weapon. He scanned his weapon around the room, pointing it at each of the Lar Kap.

"I am called Nokkar," He said, "And I'm the protector of this sector. I picked up your ship's signature back on earth. And as a Sentinel of earth I demand that you release the human. And the other alien as well. I've heard of your kind. Anyone who are allies with the Space Spawn will suffer the consequences."

"Huh?" I said shocked. "From earth?"

The Lar Kap looked at each other.

"Stay out of this alien," The lead Lar Kap said. "They are ours. I suggest you leave before something bad happens."

"Be careful," Tah warned to Nokkar. "They are not what they seem to be."

"No," Nokkar said darkly to the Lar Kap.

"Kill them! Kill them all!!" The lead Lar Kap shouted.

Instantly the other Lar Kap attacked us. Tah jumped in front of me ready to protect me from the Lar Kap's attack. But before Tah could do anything, Nokkar took his weapon and fired at the attacking Lar Kap with a quick sweeping motion. The green lazer light that was fired from the weapon hit the attacking Lar Kap.

We watched in awe as the Lar Kap sizzled in the the lazer beam and disappeared.

The other remaining Lar Kap decided they had enough. They started to back up.

Nokkar pointed his weapon at the remaining Lar Kap. "As you just seen, this weapon fires an energy beam which causes an exceedingly painful death. So unless you want to receive the same fate as your companions, I suggest you let the human and the other alien go." He said in a calm way.

The Lar Kap held up their clawed hands. The leader narrowed his large black eyes.

"Take them and go," The leader Lar Kap said, furious that he lost.

Nokkar then walked in front of us, and pressed on his left shoulder plate. Suddenly, I saw a bright light, which forced me to blink. Then I felt a slight tingle on my body. When I opened my eyes again, I wasn't on the Lar Kap ship anymore. I blinked my eyes. I saw a large curved room with a gray panel with bright monitors, glowing screens, and buttons. Above the panel was an open curved window panel. Outside I could see the darkness of space and all the stars. In the far distance, about the size of an orange, was a bluish planet.


My home.

"Is this your ship?" Tah asked Nokkar, distracting my thoughts.

"Yes this is my fighter ship," Nokkar said as he walked up to the panel. "You are very lucky that I saved you in time."

"Thank you," Tah said to Nokkar. "Now I can go and find my Clan."

"Your ship is in my docking bay," Nokkar said. "I will take you to-"

"What about me?!" I blurted out as I look up to Nokkar, "I want to go back home!"

Nokkar turned his tall frame around and looked at me.

I backed up, feeling like a fool because I spoke up to this giant alien. He was the type you didn't want to make angry.

But Nokkar wasn't mad at me at all. "I will take you home," he said. "I will give Tah his ship back, take you back to earth and erase your recent memories of this."

"Excuse me? Erase my memory?! Why?" I demanded.

"It's necessary," Nokkar said as kindly as he could. "You have been through a horrible experience for one so young. And earth is not ready for what you've encountered."

I turned around slowly and looked at Tah. Anyone who been through what I been through would want to forget, but I didn't want to forget about Tah. During the week we've been together, I've grown attached to him. He reminded me of my brothers back home. Tah was the closest thing to family since I was taken from home. And that helped me cope through all of this.

I looked at Tah.

"So..." I said, "When you erase my memory, I won't remember any of this? Not even you?"

Tah didn't answer. He just nodded.

I ran up to Tah and hugged him. "I'll miss you," I said. "We made such a good team."

Tah jumped back a little surprise that I hugged him. "I'll miss you too young one," Tah said. "And you were very brave. You would of made a good Sarfnar warrior."

"Awww, thanks." I said.

"It's time for him to go now," Nokkar said.

Tah looked back at me and waved as he went through a curved opening that suddenly appeared in the wall. Nokkar followed.

"Well at least I'm going home." I said sadly as I turned around and looked out the window and looked at the orange sized bluish ball that was my home.


After Tah left, Nokkar proceeded to take me home. It was a long and boring trip. After about three days we just went past Saturn. When I asked Nokkar if we could get to earth faster, he explained to me that if we went any faster, years would of went by on earth. So we just had to stick it out.

There is little to do on a spaceship. I would either take naps, or just stare at the stars, or just talk to Nokkar.

"Since you are going to erase my memory, it won't hurt if I ask questions." I said, to Nokkar, "So how long have you been on my planet, and why no one knows that you are there?"

"I was sent to your planet as a sentinel thousands of years ago," Nokkar said, with his eyes still focused on the window panel. "My fleet was ordered to protect this galaxy from the Space Spawn. Over time it became a boring lonesome mission because the invaders never arrived.
On the part of earth I settled, there were a tribe of inhabitants. Since there was no outside invaders, I decided to protect them instead. They made stone statues of me in my honor. But soon the people were gone."

"Why didn't you leave?" I asked.

"I'm not allowed to leave my post." Nokkar said. "Earth and it's solar system is my post. If the Lar Kap would of made it pass the last planet in your solar system, I would of been unable to help."

"Oh," I said. "Have you talked to your people since you came here?"

Nokkar sighed. "Only twice in the last three thousand years."

"Oh I'm sorry." I said. "Maybe they will-AHHHHH!"

I was suddenly cut off when the ship shook, knocking me off my feet. But Nokkar was not phased. He was still standing. Nokkar started typing at the buttons on the panel.

Then red lights started flashing, and an alarm went off. The on board computer said in a calm female voice, "Unidentifiable spacecraft coming in from the right."

"Magnify," Nokkar said.

The image on the window panel grew more detailed. I saw a large close-up view of the planet Neptune.

"Isolate and magnify," Nokkar said.

The computer zoomed up on the planet. As I looked, I saw a flat oval shape that was moving against the background of Neptune.

"The Lar Kap!" Nokkar exclaimed. "They don't know how to take defeat. They are attacking us!"

I looked out the window display again. I saw the large flat oval ship, launching smaller black ships from it's underside. The smaller ships were shaped like wide brimmed cowboy hats. They were oval and flat, and in the middle was the cockpit, which stuck out above the oval flat part. That's why I said they were shaped like cowboy hats.

And there was a lot of them.

And they were coming toward us, firing their weapons. Bluish-green beams blasted through space. Nokkar dodged the blasts, and returned with several blasts of his own. I watched as green lazer beams from Nokkar's ship hit some of the Lar Kap fighters, causing them to explode in balls of orange-red flame.

"Yes!" I cried out.

But Nokkar couldn't keep it up for long. As soon as he shot down the Lar Kap fighters more took their place.

"I'm going to attempt to out fly them!" Nokkar cried out. "Chante get down on the ground. Back against the far wall."

I did what Nokkar said. I ran to the back of the ship, and threw myself on the ground. As soon as I done that, I felt a sudden burst of acceleration as Nokkar sent his ship blasting through space.

"Nokkar what's going on?" I asked.

"There are too many of the Lar Kap fighters." Nokkar said calmly. "I'm attempting to-AHHHH!"

Nokkar was cut off as the ship was struck. Lights flashed. Alarms went off. The control planel started to spark.

"Life support systems has been damaged," The computer said.

"What does that mean?" I asked Nokkar.

"It means that this ship will run out of air." Nokkar said. "I can survive in a low air environment, but you can't. But don't fear. I have a back up system."

Nokkar pressed a button on the control panel.

The emergency environmental control unit, has been destroyed. Shut down in ten point two earth seconds."

"Blast!" Nokkar exclaimed.

"That's not good news is it?" I said.

Then I heard a hissing sound.

And suddenly it became harder to breathe.

Then all the lights went out. It started to become very cold.

I was gasping now. All the Oxygen was gone.

"I can't breathe!" I said in a raspy voice as I tried to run to Nokkar. He seemed to be unaffected. For the first time, Nokkar had a look of uncertainty on his face. He grabbed me as I clasped in his long arms. There was nothing he could really do.

I was more afraid then I ever was in my whole life. Try gasping when there is no air. Take a deep breath. Then take another right after that. Then another. And another. That's how close I can describe it to you.

Air! I need air!

My lungs screamed and burned. My heart hammered in my chest madly, circulating airless blood. I looked at Nokkar pleadingly.

But he couldn't do anything. I might as well think of my last thoughts. I thought about my family. How worried they must be. As my brain started to shut down from the lack of oxygen, the frightful terrified feeling I felt was replaced by a deadly calm. My head swam with disconnected thoughts and memories. Replaced with that image, was my father and I laying in the grass looking up at the stars.

"What is that star up there daddy? It never moves."

"That's the north star Chante. It's the guide star. Many years ago, escaping slaves used that star to escape to freedom."

"Really? Wow!"

After that, everything became white.


"Is she alright?" a voice said.

"Is this what a human look like?" Another voice said. "It has no natural defenses! Not even a tail to help with balance! How can it fight and defend itself?"

"Be quit Yobah!" Another voice said. "I know this creature. And appearances can be deceiving. She is called Chante, and happens to be the bravest being I have ever known. Chante, wake up!"

"Unh," I moaned.

I opened my eyes. Everything was fuzzy. I blinked a couple of times.

When my sight was completely cleared, I was lying on a metal table. In front of me was three eight foot tall beings. One of them was female and greenish blue in color. She was almost seven feet tall. She had two strong arms that ended in five strong clawed fingers. She had two strong legs and stood on her four clawed toes. There was a claw-like thing that was sticking out of her heels. She had long black hair, a demon like face, dark eyes, and a pair of strong bat-like wings that ended in two clawed fingers. The male that stood next to her was a orange greenish color. He was eight feet tall, with wings, a long narrow demon-like face with white hair. He scared me slightly because he really did look like a demon.

I instantly recognized the male that was next to him.

"Tah!" I shouted happily.

"Young one!" Tah said. "I glad you are alright!"

"What happened?" I asked.

"Nokkar transported you here." Nokkar said. "His ship was no longer able to support you. So he teleported you here."

"Oh," I said. "So who are these two? Are they you're Clan?"

"Yes," Tah said. "This is my brother Yobah-Chron-Tak, and my sister Sharah-Chron-Tak."

"Hi," I said to them.

"Pleased to meet you." Yobah said in a dark voice.

"Tah told us a lot about you." Sharah said. "You are very brave from what I hear."

"Well, thanks," I said blushing slightly.

I jumped off the table, and walked over to Tah.

Sharah and Yobah looked at me amazed.

"Look how she walks and not fall over!" Yobah said.

"She has excellent balance." Sharah said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"How do you keep your balance without a tail?" Yobah asked me.

"Huh?" I said confused. When I realized what Yobah was asking me, I answered, "I don't know how, I just do."

"Yobah," Tah said, "Stop asking questions like that. And anyway, we have a lot to do. First we have to take the young one home."

"What?!" Yobah said. "We have a lot of more important-"

"We are taking her home." Tah interrupted. "And anyway we were heading towards earth on a scout mission plus," Tah then looked at me. "I made a promise to take Chante home."

Yobah crossed his arms. "Well I guess that's the right thing to do I suppose." He said. "I don't want to get stuck in battle protecting a weak and defenseless human."

"Yobah!" Sharah said. "That wasn't a very nice thing to say!"

I clenched my jaw tightly. I looked at Yobah straight in the eyes. He had these dark green eyes that scared me. And I wasn't going to get into an argument with him. I had a bad feeling about Yobah. And I didn't like him. He reminded me of some people back home that I know. There are some people who don't like anyone who is different from them.

But judging from Tah, and Sharah, not everyone is that way.

"Sorry," Yobah said. "Perhaps I was out of line."

"That's okay." I said, trying my best to not sound like I didn't mean it.

Don't worry about it Chante, I thought to myself. Tah is taking you back home and everything is going to be okay.

But I was wrong. Everything was about to go down hill really fast.


"This is a picture of our home," Tah said to me as he pointed to a large picture that was framed in a gray metal. On it was a scene of a woodland type-forest with strange plants and trees in different shades of green. In some of the trees and on the ground were round oval shaped buildings that matched the colors of the trees. There were two reddish gold suns in the sky with one sun clearly larger than the other. The sky was a reddish color that gradually became a golden color near the horizon line.

"Wow," I said. "It is beautiful. Especially the sky."

"Yes it is," Tah said. "Our sky changes colors during the seasons. It changes from red to gold and back again. That picture was taken during our spring."

"Our sky is mostly blue, but at sunrise and sunset the sky is a reddish color just like that." I said as I pointed to the picture. Then I sighed and put my hands on my stomach. "I'm starving. I haven't ate since I got here."

"Oh you're hungry?" Tah said. "Come with me."

I followed Tah through several sliding doors into a room that had a large, greenish, reddish wooden table. There was several round large stool-like chairs that look like they were made from tree trunks, and they had carved on patterns. On the table in the center were wide wooden bowls that were shaped like woks there were about five of them filled with food. There was also some other smaller bowls that was empty.

"Please feel free to eat all you like," Tah suggested.

I walked up to the table to get a good look at the food. In one bowl, there was some dark brown squares that looked like some type of meat in a purplish sauce. In another bowl there was something that looked like a salad but only more red. In one of the bowls there was something that looked like brown spaghetti in water.

And the fact that those brown things were moving, thrashing in the water like eels made me lose my appetite.

"Eat what?" I said as I looked at Tah, not feeling very hungry.

Tah waved his arm widely to indicate everything that was on the table. "Everything you see here."

"Ewww," I said under my breath.

"Maybe the human is disturbed of our food." Yobah said walking in with Sharah.

"Is this true?" Tah asked looking at me.

"Uh no," I lied. "I just never seen food that's all."

Yobah gave me a funny cross eyed look.

I didn't want Yobah to think that I was some "weak defenseless human" who is grossed out easily by alien food. So I walked up to the table by the bowl with the trashing brown spaghetti.

"Uh, are those supposed to move?" I said pointing to the bowl.

"Yes," Tah said. "Boyahk's are best eaten alive."

I was considering changing my mind when, Yobah walked over and poured some of those Boyahk things in one of the empty bowls. Then he handled the bowl to me.

"Try one." Yobah said. "They are very tasty."

Tah and Sharah started to look at me. At that moment, I felt like crying.

I took a deep breath and picked up one of the Boyahk. It was still wiggling in my fingers.

"Here goes nothing," I said as raised up the Boyahk over my open mouth, and slurp it in my mouth like spaghetti. I swallowed it instead of crunching down on it. I felt it wiggle down my throat the whole time. And it was still moving when it finally got in my stomach. I felt like throwing up.

"How was it?" Tah asked.

I smacked a couple of times to get the taste out of my mouth. "It was a little slimy, but it was...okay. We don't usually eat our food alive you know."

Then everyone started laughing. Even Yobah.

I wanted to ask Tah about the eating habits of his people, but then we were interrupted.

"Incoming transmission," The computer said.


The four of us went to the battle bridge. The battle bridge was a circular room. It had two oval window panels showing the space all around us. The oval window panels reminded me of eyes. Under the window panels was the control panels which was pretty much set up like a cockpit. There were monitors, buttons, and other things on the control panel I couldn't even name. There was also three large "seats". One for Tah, Sharah, and Yobah obviously.

I noticed that a red light on the control panel was blinking. Tah went over to the control panel and pressed a button.

Suddenly a brownish Sarfnaric face appeared in the middle of the room. I jumped back slightly. I thought it was real, but as I looked, I noticed that I could see through it.

"Wow," I said amazed, "It's like a real picture brought to life."

"It's called a hologram." Sharah said.

The hologram flicked, causing the image to fade in and out.

"This is Mori-drak-Trah leader of the Starwing!" The Sarfnar said. "We are under attack!"

"This is Tah-Chron-Tak of the Tak Clan. How can we help?" Tah answered.

"Our fleet was patrolling the outside of this galaxy when we were suddenly attacked by the Lal. Their ships were cloaked and they caught us off by surprise! There are too many of them, and our fleet is fading!" Mori said.

Tah growled deeply in his throat.

"We will try to help!" Tah said. "Hold the Lal off as long as possible!"

Then Tah ended the transmission.

"Tah have you gone mad??!!" Yobah exclaimed. "We are not a battle ship! We have weapons and such but none powerful enough to hold off a fleet of Lal fighters!"

Tah sighed. "We have to. They are our people and we help each other in need."

"Other fighters will be there." Sharah pointed out. "We will not be the only one out there."

"I don't believe my ears!" Yobah said. "You are just as mad as Tah!"

"Wait a minute!" I said cutting in. "What about me? What about sending me home?! What is going on?!!" I demanded.

Tah turned around to face me. "I'm sorry, but I can't take you straight home young one. The entire galaxy is at stake."

"And what does that suppose to mean?!" I said, upset.

Tah was about to speak but then Sharah interrupted. "It means that if we don't go out there and help, your galaxy, will be conquered by our enemies. And if they manage to take your galaxy, in time they will take over your world."

"Wait a minute," I said. "You mean like a war?!"

"Yes," Tah said slowly. "And we are going into a battle in which the odds are not in our favor. We are out numbered. If we lose we all can die."

"That's not good news." I said slowly. "So what am I being dragged into?"

"Well," Yobah said, "We are going to fight an alien race called the Lal who are allies of the Space Spawn who trying to conquer every and every sentient race in the universe."

"The 'Space Spawn'?" I said. "Nokkar mentioned them. Who are they?"

"No one really knows," Tah said. "Few have ever actual see them. Our people heard about the Space Spawn from spying on our enemies who we are at war with. It is rumored that our enemies are also allies of the Space Spawn."

I threw my hands up in the air. "This is just wonderful!" I said sarcastically. "We are fighting a battle out numbered against an army of aliens, who are in turn are working for another group of aliens who are rarely seen. Is this just unfair or what?"

"Yes it is," Tah said. "Let's just hope that we win." Then in a leader type voice Tah said, "Everyone to your stations! Set the ship to hyperdrive 4! Have all weapons ready on full power!" Then Tah looked at me. "Don't worry young one, we will win this battle."

"I hope so," I said. Then I thought, and then I could go home.

But little did I know, I wasn't going home. And not for a long time.


I stared at the window panel as Tah sent his ship blasting through space. We were going so fast that the stars became streaks of light. But after about a few minutes, the ship slowed down and the stars appeared normal again.

Then further out in space, I saw several ships. I could obviously tell which fleet was Tah's because the ships were a sliver gray color, and they were shaped exactly like a Sarfnar. The "cockpit" part of the ships were shaped like a head and the two "eyes" were the window panels. The wings were shaped like bat wings. Where the arms should be were two long cannons. The "legs" were two cylindrical engines on each side.

And they looked like they were in trouble.

The Sarfnar ships were locked in battle with the Lal ships. The Lal ships were jet black and were long and oval shaped with two wings near the far back. The weapons were on the tip of the wings.

The Lal ships from what I was seeing, were winning. They fired red beams from their cannons that destroyed the Sarfnar fighter ships in one shot. One by one, the Sarfnar fighters went down.

"It really doesn't seem like that we are winning." I said.

"The Lal ships seem to be more faster than our fighters." Yobah said looking through the window panel with a sideways look. "I suggest we-"

"No," Tah said cutting Yobah off. "Set the A blasters to pulse fire. Aim and fire on my signal."

"Blasters aimed and set." Sharah said.

"Fire...NOW!" Tah commanded.

Two twin bursts of white light came from the ship and stuck two Lal ships. They begin to glow a bright white and then they started to shake violently. Then they exploded.

"Yes!" I cried out. "Take that!"

But the destruction of the two ships didn't go unnoticed.

"Don't celebrate so soon because here they come!" Yobah said.

Several Lal ships turned around and flew towards us in hot pursuit.

Tah just sat there and watched.

"Tah, they are coming towards us." Sharah said with concern. "They will be in firing range in one xano click."

"Watch," Tah said coolly.

The Lal fighters came closer. Just when I thought we were done for, I saw several flashes of yellow light and the Lal fighters exploded. The backwash from the blast shook the ship.

"Yeehah you did it Tah!" I exclaimed. Then I added, "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything thing." Tah said smiling. "Our fellow Clans saved us. Look,"

We looked through the window panel. The Lal fighters that were destroyed changed the odds in the battle. The few remaining Lal fighters that were left was easily beaten by the Sarfnar fighters.

"But how was those other fighters blown up?" I asked.

Soon I got my answer when Tah got a holographic message from Mori, the Sarfnar leader who asked for our help earlier.

"Thank you for answering our call for help." Mori said. If you didn't distract those fighters the battle would of been lost."

"No, thank you." Tah said. "If you didn't fire on those fighters We would of been finished."

"I'm grateful that one battle has been-AHHHHHHHH!"

Suddenly Mori was cut off as the transmission ended.

We all looked out the window panel and we saw a Sarfnar fighter suddenly explode. Then one by one, The other Sarfnar fighters exploded.

"NO!" Tah and Sharah said suddenly.

"Oh, God!" I said.

"How???!!!" Tah exclaimed confused. "I saw no lazer fire! How were our ships destroyed like that! Quickly, scan for surrounding ships!"

Sharah started to work on the control panel.

"No other ships detected." The computer said.

"That's not possible!" Tah said. "Computer visual scan. Scan for distortions in the Space-time fields!"

"Large distortion detected." The computer said.

"Scan and Magnify," Tah said.

I looked out on the window panel. Will all saw nothing but black space. But then I saw a large flat oval ship fade into view. When the computer said that it was a "large distortion" it was an understatement at the time.

"That's the Lar Kap!" I exclaimed.

"They will pay for destroying our fellow clans men!" Tah said outraged with his eyes glowing hot white.

Suddenly a holographic image of a Lar Kap appeared.

"Black lazer technology." The Lar Kap said. "It allows us to fire on our enemies undetected. And the trail run has been successful don't you agree?

"I don't care what technology you have!" Tah said out raged. "You will be defeated! Aim and fire all weapons maxium power NOW!"

Sharah fired the weapons. Yellow white beams as thick as tree trunks blasted through space and hit the Lar Kap ship.

The part of the Lar Kap ship that was struck glowed brightly. But it did not explode. Nothing esle happened.

"Oh no." I said slightly. "How are we getting out of this one?"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" The Lar Kap laughed. "Can't you do better then that? No more time for games! Time for you to die! And then the Lar Kap ended the transmission.

Suddenly the ship shook are we were stuck by an invisible beam that we couldn't see.

Alarms went off. Lights flashed. Part of the control panel started to spark, causing Sharah to fall out of her chair.

"No!" Tah yelled out. "Fire the quark bombs!"

"Quark bombs are not going to work against a shielded ship of that size!" Yobah said. "The backwash from the bomb hitting the shields will destroy us! We must flee! It's the only way!"

"No! We will not run!" Tah roared.

"Computer, anti-Space hyperdrive now!" Sharah said.

"I said NO!!" Tah roared. "How dare you!"

"Tah you are letting your rage cloud your judgement!" Sharah said. "we are out weaponed! We will get killed if we stay! Think about the young one! Will you be so reckless and have her killed?"

I looked at Tah.

Tah calmed down. "You are right. Do it."

Sharah pressed a button and the ship blasted through space. But not before getting hit a final time.

I fell to the floor as the ship shook. And then it was chaos. Everything started spinning. Lights were flashing and alarms were ringing. We all got knocked into each other as the ship was spinning wildly out of control. Everything that wasn't fasten down was tossed around. Suddenly something hit me hard in the back of my head and then I was gone.

To be continued...