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The story before Gargoyles...

Chante Hall, Elisa Maza and Matt Bluestone are NYPD detectives who are on the Gargoyles Task Force. Behind the scenes they are friends to the Gargoyles who protects the city (and sometimes the world) from evil while the people fear and hate them. The Gargoyles fight against many enemies. Jon Castaway and his Quarrymen, Demona, Toni Dracon, the Pack, the Illuminati, Thailog, and many others. But recently a new evil has arrived.

And his name is Dragnok.

Dragnok is the hardest foe the Gargoyles has faced yet. The Gargoyles have managed to foil Dragnok's plans, but it wasn't easy. Dragnok has advanced technlogy and a inhuman army that are capeable of ripping a human apart like a Cuisinart on high speed. There isn't a moment that goes by when the Gargoyles fight Dragnok and his army when they bearly defeat him. And it makes them wonder were Dragnok comes from, and why is he so powerful.

But there is one person who knows all about Dragnok.

And her name is Chante.

Chante knows all about the Gargoyles. She knew about them before Elisa introduced her to Goliath's clan. And Chante also knows about Dragnok. And Dragnok also knows about Chante. And Dragnok would do anything to destroy Chante. And Chante would do anything to defeat Dragnok and stop him from acomplishing his plans. How do Chante know about Dragnok? What does it all got to do with the Gargoyles?

Welcome to Gargoyles: The Chante files, a spin off series of my Gargoyle fanfic universe which take place before the Gargoyles came to Mahattan. This spin off series will shed a light on the origins of the Gargoyles, Nokkar, Dragnok, Chante and on some of the mysterious events that has been happening in my Gargoyle fanfic universe. Episodes will be released every two weeks on thursdays. If you like this fanfics e-mail me to let me know, or sign my guestbook near the bottom of this page. Enjoy:)




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Now for the legal stuff: "GARGOYLES: THE CHANTE FILES" is based on "GARGOYLES" the animated t.v. show which is made by Disney and Buena Vista and are not mine in any way. Some of the characters in "GARGOYLES: THE CHANTE FILES" belongs to Disney and Buena Vista and are used without their permission. All the other characters and the stories in "GARGOYLES: THE CHANTE FILES" belongs to me and cannot be used without permission from me. If characters and/or stories are used credit to the creator must be given. I'm not making any money off of using "GARGOYLES". Fanfics in this spin off series are rated G to PG-13. If there are any fanfics that have scenes that are cause for concern I will label as such. This spin off Fanfic series are made in good clean fun and because I love the Gargoyles so please don't sue.