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Did you miss the Gathering? Did that plane ticket cost too much? Your parents didn't let you go? You couldn't find anyone to go with you?

Well don't fear! My Gathering page is here!

Since I live only 35 minutes away from Manhattan, AND I since I have a computer, I will post everything that happens at the Gathering. Come in here everyday of the Gathering to find out what happened. It's the next best thing to being there.

Click here to see Pics from the Gathering


I got to the Gathering at 12 PM to sign in. We all just chated and introduced each other. There was a Gargoyle display desk where you can buy lots of Gargoyle stuff such as coloring books, stickers, cards, books, buttons, ect. Also they had the Gathering 98 tees for sale. The Garg tee was black with the Gathering logo on the front, and a white outline of Goliath, Brooklyn, and lexingtion on the back. Click here To see the shirt design and other stuff I scanned. The opening Ceremonies started a little after eight. All the Con staff was introduced. Then guess who showed up! Greg Weisman! He received a standing applause when he walked in the room. He talked about Rick Baker doing the Gargoyle movie and how the only definite character that was going to be on the movie for now. Also, there was talks about the Gathering being in Texas for 99. After the Opening Ceremonies, a few people and I asked Greg some questions. One of the questions I asked him was who would Elisa be with if Goliath wasn't around, Jason, Matt, or Officer Morgan. Greg said that it wouldn't be Matt because Elisa and Matt are good friends because they don't have that type of relationship. Greg said that he was more thinking of Morgan being with Elisa if Goliath wasn't around. Later, we all chilled out, and sang Filk songs. After that, 15 of us went to a resturant and had dinner. Then I went home. It was like after 2 in the morning when I got home. See you all tomorrow.


I got to the Gathering kind of late. I over slepted. But I didn't miss a whole lot. I got back just in time for the Fanfic work shop. There, our well know Gargoyle artist, A. Major gave us some neat drawing tips that were very good. I even draw a simple drawing of what Dragnok (one of my fanfic characters) might look like in his monster (Tazi) form. Click here To see it. This is not the final draft though. I'm still working on him. After the work shop, I went in the film room and watched some Gargoyle episodes. I saw "Hunter's Moon" and a few others. Later, we had the Gargoyle Auction, where some Gargoyle stuff was sold. After the auction, we all just basically chilling, chatting, and other stuff.

Well that's all for now. Luckly I can come to the Gathering sunday, and at the last second, I came up with a Costume for the Masquerade party. I remembered that I still had my Ninja uniform for the time when I use to take Ninjtsu (I'm serious). So I'll use that to be a "Evil ninja" from the Pack episode. So I'll be posting what happens tomorrow. Also I'm taking pictures of the Gathering. As soon as I finsh taking, and devloping them, I'll post them here. I will be making announcements of when. So I'm signing off for now.


At the Gathering today, Greg Weisman talked to us about Gargoyles, about how they made the show, how he came up with some of the ideas, and answered some questions people had about the show. Salli Richerson was susposed to be at the Gathering but she couldn't make it. Greg read a letter she wrote since she couldn't be there. She said that she hope that she can make it to next years Gathering. After that, there was a autograph signing with Greg signing autographs. Later we had the Masquerade party with people wearing their costumes from various characters from the show. There were two Demona's, a Macbeth, Puck, Matt Bluestone, a David and Fox couple, a future tense Brooklyn, 3 Unas, the Weird sisters from city of stone when they were those girls dressed in blue dresses, two Elisa's (one of them was a guy. Everyone had a laugh out of that one), a Hunter, a Sara Jasper disguised as a Quarryman, and a few others that I might be missing. Even Greg, stopped by at the party for awhile. The winners of the Contest were, Macbeth, and one of the Demonas. Also, the announcement was made that the next year's Gathering will be in Dallas Texas. So you better start saving up now if you want to go.

Well, that's it for the Gathering this year. It was great and fun. In a few days, I will be posting the pictures from the Gathering, and I will announce it when I do. I hope some of you that didn't make it to this year's Gathering will make it to the next one. Well, so long until next year.


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