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You're guide to understanding the character's in Kjay's Gargoyle Universe.

The Character Bible Guide is about the characters in the series. Last update was on JAN 1 2004

NOTE:The character's are listed in order of appearance.

KJay's Gargoyle Universe: What's happening to the characters so far:

Matt found out about the gargoyles in "Revelations". Ever since then, he has been a good friend to them. But after the Precinct's bombing in Hunter's Moon (the Gargoyles were blamed for the bombing), Matt was put in charge of the Gargoyle Task Force made to stop the Gargoyles.
Matt is on a thin line, he's trying to protect the Gargoyles while not making everyone esle suspicious of his lack of effectiveness.
Recently, Captain Chavez gave Matt a new partner, Chante Hall, to work with him on the Task Force. Matt still works with Elisa, but on other cases.

Matt also had an encounter with his alternate self from an anti-universe in which Elisa had a relationship with Matt's alternate self and not Goliath. This had Matt quite shaken up because a one point he did consider Elisa in a relationship that is until he met Goliath and realized that they had a speical relationship (Even though they didn't see it yet);and decided to treat Elisa like a sister after meeting Goliath.

Matt's alternate self (the anti-Matt)returned and plotted to kill Goliath in a last ditch effort to get Elisa back after his Elisa was destroyed with the anti-universe. The Anti-Matt's plot was foiled, but Matt sub-consciencely still feel gility for what happened and some times is over protective of Elisa like Broadway.

Elisa is Detective at the 23rd Precinct, and is a very good friend to the Gargoyles, espeically Goliath, and their relationship has grown closer since the Hunter's Moon. So when Elisa went off to respond to a robbery that was claimed to be done by a "monster", Elisa quickly dismissed Goliath out as one of the suspects and grew concerned for him.

Captain Chavez is the Captain of Detectives in the 23rd Precinct. Chavez is a good Captain. She's tough, but fair, and is respected by all the cops in the Precinct. She is also the one who partnered up Matt with Chante Hall.

In a incident in which Chante and Captain were kidnapped by Dragnok, Chante was forced to tell her what was really going on. For a while Chavez was the only other person who knew more about Dragnok than the Gargoyles did. This experiance taught Chante that she would eventually have to tell the Gargoyles the whole truth. Chavez is very smart, and it won't be long until she knows about Chante, Elisa, and Matt's connection with the Gargoyles. So far, Chavez has taken a netural stance on the Gargoyle issue, but when the time comes will she be friend or foe?

Chanté Hall is a new character I made for the series. Chanté Hall was a Detective in the 19th Precinct, and was put in the 23rd Precinct to be on the Gargoyle Task Force, to be Matt Bluestone's partner.
Chantè is independent, and likes to work alone. She also has a very bad temper, which explains why she totally exploded when Captain Chavez gave her Matt to be her partner.
Chantè is sometimes impulsive, and impetuous, and won't let anything stand in her way.
Also, Chanté sometimes tends to be sarcastic, witty, and smugged. But she has a deep moral side also. She won't take risks if it's going to put others in danger. Chante has a past that is now being descovered. In 1940, she was kiddnapped by an Alien spieces and was saved by Nokkar and was adopted by another group of aliens (the Sarfnars and lived with them for some time. She returned to earth in 1990 with a lot of catching up to do. She also fights Dragnok an alien in a human disguise (Daniel Dragnok) who is trying to take over earth.After fighting Dragnok for so long at first Chante hid her secret from the Gargoyles and didn't want them to get involved with "her problem". But as time went on, Chante discovered that the Gargoyles and the Sarfnars have a common ansestor and decided that it wasn't fair to hide her secret any longer.

Chante is very strong which is a result of living on a planet with gravity 3 times stronger than earth. She also has Sarfnar DNA(bounded to her DNA after an injury)in her which explains why she didn't age much in 58 years. Chante can change from human to Sarfnar (See "THE MONSTER" below), but she rarely does.

The 8 feet tall, horn-bladed, monster is no other than Dragnok in his Tanzi form. By using the DNA Bonding process he is able to disguise himself as a human in his quest to take over the earth. In his true form Dragnok heals fast, and is almost unbeatable. Even bullets won't hurt him. The monster even gave Goliath the fight of his life.
It seems that the only thing that can stop him is a high voltage electrical shock. But we haven't seen the last Dragnok. Now that Dragnok knows that Chantè is alive on earth he will stop at nothing to destroy her and the Gargoyles so he can carry out his plans.


Demona was the former mate of Goliath in 994 A.D. Before the Vikings destroyed the castle, and the Gargoyle Clan in Scottland.

Because of Demona's distrust of humans, she planed that attack on the castle with the Captain of the guard so that the Gargoyles can have the castle when the the humans were gone.

But Demona's plan back fired, and ever since the Gargoyles learned of her treachery, She and Goliath have been sworn enemies since then.

Demona is cruel, and will do anything to act out her plans. They only person she seems to care about is her daughter, Angela.

Beacause of a spell put on her by the Weird Sister's 900 years ago, Demona is now immortal, and can only be killed by Macbeth, who she had a alliance with until she thought that he was going to betry her (which he wasn't going to do). They are linked forever, each feeling each other's pain, and can only die when one kills the other.

A while back Demona captured the fey Puck, and tried to use him in her plan to destroy humans, but he was quite a handful, and Demona decided his wasn't worth the trouble to use. Puck granted Demona's wish to not be turnt to stone during the day, but as a result she turns to human, and turns back to a Gargoyle at night.


A group formed by the Illuminati, and was given to Jon Castaway, to catch the Gargoyles. The Quarrymen wear dark purple suits with hoods. They use large electrical sledge hammers, as their weapons to hunt the Gargoyles. The Quarrymen is made up of people who fear, and hate the Gargoyles, and thinks that they should be "dealt with".


Jon Castaway was one of the Hunters who was after Demona in "Hunter's Moon". The Hunters were inadvertently formed by Demona back in the 900's after she slashed the face of a farm boy named Guilgomgain, after raiding the farmhouse. Guilgomgain sworn revenge, and hunted Demona ever since. He never got her, and the vendetta and passed on to generation to generation. Three of the desendents of the Hunters, Jon, Jason, and Robyn Hunted Demona. In the process they blew up the 23rd precinct where the Gargoyles were living above.

Soon, the Gargoyles and the Hunters had a show down with Demona who was trying to destroy humanity with a virus. Near the end, Jon tried to shoot Goliath with a lazer gun, Jason took the blow after realizing that the Gargoyles wasn't bad after all. Jon, was emotionally shocked, and couldn't handle the results of his actions. Jon thought his brother was dead, and fled, blaming the Gargoyles. Now with the Quarrymen in his hands, Jon has been in obsessive pursuit of the Gargoyles ever since.


Brooklyn was made second-in-command by Goliath. Fast and impetuous, Brooklyn is often too eager for excitement and conflict. But his not reckless. Brooklyn is good at planing and making descions, both good leadership qualities.

In "Temptation" Demona tricks Brooklyn into betraying Goliath. This incident scarred Brooklyn so much, that he often attacks Demona on sight in a fight, and is still mad at her because of it.



The Pack used to be a group of super hero martial arts experts on T.V. They were also highly trained mercenaries.

The Pack was formed and created by David Xanatos before he "reformed". The only member of the Pack that knew of this was Fox, who was the Leader of the Pack before she married him.

Xanatos was trying to find a way to get rid of the Gargoyles, so he decided to use the Pack. Xanatos set it up so that the only T.V. show that the Gargoyles would see was The Pack. The Pack was restless for action, and suddenly they got pictures in the mail of Goliath. They thought it would be great to "hunt" a creature as large as Goliath. Meanwhile, Lexington was starting to become a big fan of the Pack, and thought they were warriors, just like the Gargoyles. After he see's the Pack perform at Madison Square Garden, Lexington shows himself to them. When the Pack see's that Lexington is not Goliath, they stage an act so that Lexington can bring Goliath to them. Goliath was upset at Lexington for showing himself, but he soon agree's to meet the Pack. At the end, it turned out to be a trap, and the Pack nearly kills Goliath and Lexington. But the two Gargoyles triumph, and the Pack ends up in jail. Lexington is still mad at the Pack til this day for tricking him.

Later, Xanatos plots another plan to use the Pack to get the Gargoyles. He sends a robot, Coyote 1.0 to break them out of jail, and later the Pack finds out about Xanatos. Xanatos convinces them that the Gargoyles are the true enemies, and the Pack let their bodies get "Upgraded" (Cybernetic body parts, mutant augmentations, and battle armor, respectfully) thinking that their stronger bodies might help them beat the Gargoyles. But they fail to beat the Gargoyles again (and again).

After the "Upgrade" the Pack kind of broke off. Fox, (who was in love with Xanatos and knew about the whole Pack thing all along, got an early paroll. Dingo left, because he was freaked out by what the other members of the Pack did to their bodies, and later Dingo reformed. The Pack is down to three members, Wolf, Hyena, and her brother Jackel.

Recently a stranger named Daniel Dragnok, offered to give the Pack a better "Upgrade" if they helped him get rid of the Gargoyles. The Pack took the offer, and are now twice as strong as before, and are nearly impossible to beat.


Daniel Dragnok is the owner of Shinir Industries, and is the one who hired the Pack. He thinks that the Gargoyles will ruin his plans, and wants to get rid of them. He is an evil man, with a cruel and cunning mind. Dragnok would kill anybody that he would think would get in his way. He also knows Chantè, and that she always foils his plans. Now that the Gargoyles know the truth, Chante and the Gargoyles will now be a force to reckon with. Dragnok knows if he doesn't take over earth soon the higher ups will destroy him at a drop of a hat. What connection does Dragnok have with Chantè? What are his future "Plans"? We will just have to wait til future eps.


Jessica Haley is another cop from the 19th precinct that was put on the Gargoyles Task Force. Jessica was in the ESU (The Emergecy Service Unit) before she was put on the Gargoyles Task Force. She was Chantè's friend for sometime when they were both back at the 19th precinct.



Mob boss Toni Dracon is a man who doesn't play by the rules. He a hustler, and would deal with anything to make money. With his money and good lawyers, he always manage to stay one step ahead of Elisa, and the law. After the Protection racket, Toni got his sentence cut short and now he's out of jail and back in the game. Now, he just brought some high-tech weapons from Dragnok and plans to sell them to the higest bidder. But soon his cocky attitude will end up to be his down fall.


Glasses is Toni Dracon's right hand man and deals with Toni's business when he's not around. When Toni was in jail, Glasses took orders from him to keep the business flowing from the outside.


Bobby Trevesto is another cop on the Gargoyles Task Force. Bobby is funny, smart, annoying, and likes to kid around. Before the Gargoyles Task force he was in the 20th precienct Bomb Sqaud. He may joke around too much and get's on everyone's nerves, but when it's time for action, he's always there, and is a good cop. This trait showed through when he tried to defuse the bomb in the warehouse even though everyone esle told him to get the heck out of there.


Another Cop Bomb Squad cop from the 17th precienct, Brooklyn, Italian-American Frankie Avila thinks he got it all. He's kind of laid back, and will look at all the options before going into a dangerous situtation, and won't stick his neck out unless he really has to. Some people might even think that he's a coward, but that's far from the truth. Frankie might just look at those people and say, "What's wrong with looking out for number one?"



Billionarie David Xanatos is the one who brought the Gargoyles to New York orignally, in hopes to use them for his own personally gain. When he found out that he couldn't control them, he tried to destroy them, but failed. Since then, the Gargoyles always spoiled Xanatos's evil plans. But then, when his son Alexander was in danger, the gargoyles helped saved him. Xanatos turned a new leaf, and repaid the Gargoyles by letting back in their castle when they were hunted by the people in the city because of anti-Gargoyle terror. Now he's trying to make things right by helping Elisa's brother Derek become human again after he helped turned him into a mutant half bat, half panther. But because of all the bad things he's done, Elisa is not ready to trust Xanatos so readily yet.


Owen Burnett is the servent of Xanatos. He is also the fey Puck who created Owen to see what humans are like. Puck was so impressed with Xanatos that he revealed himself to him and offered him a wish. Xanatos choosed to have Owen as his life long servent. When Lord Oberon tried to take take Xanatos son Alex, Puck went against him. When Oberon realized that Alex did not need to be taken away after all, he cursed Puck, and told him he could never turn into Puck again expect when training or protecting Alex. So Owen can't turn into Puck without Alex being involved in some way.

BETH MAZA Elisa's sister. She is now on her college break in N.Y. visting Elisa and her folks.

DEREK MAZA AND THE MUTATES When David Xanatos was evil, he got a Doctor named Sevarius to turn Derek and three other people into a creature based on a Gargoyle. The whole thing was planned to make it look like it was Goliath's fault. After awhile, Derek saw that Xanatos was the real blame. The three people, Maggie, Claw and Fang were all turned into half feline, half bat creatures. Claw, who was altered on the line of a tiger, became mute during the mutation, and can never talk again. Fang was locked up for trying to over throw Derek. Also, he doesn't want to be cured and he likes his mutated state.

MICHEAL THORGAN A Scientist Xanatos hires to try and cure Derek and the mutates of their mutation. He seems good, and he has a perfectly clean record. It's almost too good to be true. Which it was.

Thorgan is actual a fellow Tanzi working for Dragnok in his quest to take over earth. Thorgan is an expert at DNA bonding and tampering making the subject more powerful than they were periviously, as the Gargoyles found out when they fought the Neo-Pack.

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