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Because I can't win a lawsuit battle with the great mouse: This fanfic is about the animated series "GARGOYLES" which belongs to Disney and aren't mine in any way, and are being used without their permission ect...

"I wonder where Avalon is going to take me now?" Lexington thought out loud as he steered the skiff through the calm, purple water.

For the moment, Lexington enjoyed the calmness of the scenery. After dealing with Hyena, Lexington didn't mind a little peace and quiet.

"I hope on the rest of my journey, I won't have to deal with-AHHHH!"

Lexington was cut off when suddenly the water got choppy and rough. Large white foamy waves struck the skiff. The wind was howling . The purple sky was rumbling and flashing from thunder and lighting.

Lexington steered the skiff to prevent it from flipping over. One to three foot waves were hitting up against the skiff and ocean water was entering. Lexington knew that if this continued the skiff will sink, and he will lose the only way to get back home.

The skiff span around in the violent waves as Lexington struggled to get it under control. When Lexington blindly steered the skiff one way, the waves would knock it the other.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Lexington yelled out as a giant wave swept over the skiff, knocking him over board.


"Uh," Lexington grunted barely conscious as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Are you alright?" A female voice asked with concern.

Bruised, disoriented and aching, Lexington turned his head towards the voice. When he looked, he saw a female Gargoyle like creature standing over him who could easily been Broadway's sister if he had one. She had the same ears and were the same color as Broadway but two toned, with the back half of her body being two shades darker than her front. Her hair was a dark blackish green color and came down to her shoulders. She also had a pair of wings that look like a pair of over sized fish fins. But even more amazing than that was the lower half of her body.

Lexington noticed that this creature didn't stand on two legs but had the lower body of a fish or a dolphin...

Lexington didn't have long to ponder this mystery because he blacked out again before he could say anything else.


Lexington woke up again but this time he was more alert. He saw the same female but this time someone was with her. He was a two toned ocean blue color and had two legs that ended in webbed taloned feet.

"I hope you feel better now," the female said. "We don't want you blacking out on us again!"

"Oh, um, I'm sorry," Lexington said as he slowly sat up. "My name is Lexington."

"I'm Delorah, and this is my rookery brother Charin."

Charin nodded in a welcoming way.

"I'm pleased to meet you," Lexington said. "Don't feel offended if I ask this, but what are you?"

Delorah gave Lexington a sideways look, thinking that he was joking. But quickly she realized that Lexington was serious.

"I'm a Gargoyle like you silly!" Delorah said with a slight laugh. "Don't you have legless Gargoyles in your Clan?"

"No, not really," Lexington said. He remembered what Goliath said about Zferio from the Guatemala Clan. "It's just that you look almost like a-"

"Mermaid?" Charin said finishing Lexington‘s sentence. "Our Clan inspired the human mermaid legends."

"That explains much," Lexington commented.

Lexington looked around to get his bearings. He noticed that he was on one of several black, rough, rocky ridges in the ocean. Off to the side Lexington saw the skiff undamaged.

"Where are we?" He asked.

"In the Mediterranean sea," Deborah said.

"So your Clan lives in the middle of the sea??" Lexington asked amazed. "How can you breathe under water?"

Delorah and Charin laughed at Lexington again.

"We are Gargoyles, not fish," Delorah said. "But we can hold our breath for up to twenty minutes at a time. Come with us. It will be better to show you our home than try to explain it."

Delorah and Charin proceeded to dive in the water.

"Wait a minute!" Lexington called out stopping them. "You mean we have to go under water?? But I can't hold my breath for that long!"

"Don't worry, you won't drown," Delorah said reassuringly. "All you have to do is take a deep breath and hold it. You'll swim down a short distance and then you'll feel an undertow pulling you down. Don't fight it, just let it pull you. And then you'll be in our world."

"Alright," Lexington said a little nervous. "I'm ready."

"You can hold on to my arm," Delorah said.

Lexington took a deep breath and held on to Delorah's arm as they dove in the water.

As Delorah and Charin swam downward; Lexington was concerned about running out of air before getting to their destination. But Delorah swam so fast that Lexington already can see the sea floor. In the dark blue green water, Lexington saw coral, a school of fish, and what looked like the remains of a small boat that was covered in rust and coral. Further down still, Lexington saw an outline of a small cave that Delorah and Charin was swimming towards. The sea currents were stronger here, making it hard to see and swim. Lexington felt a burning pressure build up in his lungs, resulting from the extra swimming he had to do to fight the current.

Suddenly, Lexington got caught in a strong, downward spinning under tow.

"AHggalUP!" Lexington gurgled out with a yelp letting out precious air.

Lexington felt himself spin around uncontrollably. Delorah was pulled violently from his grasp. Lexington began to panic. He couldn't see in the raging frothing water, and the urge to breathe became unbearable. Lexington was starting to feel light headed and numb from a lack of oxygen.

Lexington was shot in the air like a missile.

The sudden exposure to air woke up Lexington's foggy brain.

Lexington didn't have time to feel relief when he realized that he was ten feet in the air.


Lexington hit the surface of the water with a hard smack, knocking the wind out of him. As he was floating weakly on the water, Lexington felt someone grab him.

"Sorry about that," Delorah said as she was holding Lexington. "The undertow's are usually gentle this time of year. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm alright," Lexington said as he shrugged off the aches and soreness he was feeling, " I'm going to look forward to the sun after all of this."

"Me too," Charin said as he was rubbing the back of his neck.

"Come," Delorah said, "all we have to do now is swim out of this cave."

Lexington held on to Delorah as she and Charin swam through the narrow cave. At the end of the cave was bright day light. As they swam closer, the cave got wider. And then they were in a huge open space.

Lexington blinked and squinted as his eyes adjusted to the bright daylight.

"This is our home Lexington," Delorah said.

Lexington looked. And what he saw was a city of water.

It was like Venice Italy. The buildings, standing no higher than five stories, were made out of coral and brown - black volcanic rocks. There were a few buildings that were made of the normal brick and stone though. Water ways and canals took place of streets and roads. Side walk wide platforms link one building to the other. There were bridges that were built over the water streets. Lexington quickly noticed that this city was very ancient. Many of the buildings look like they were right out of ancient Greece or Rome. Many of the Gargoyles that were there were wearing linen-like clothing that were a cross between the Roman toga, and the skirts the ancient Egyptians used to wear, only a little more tighter fitting. The two legged male Gargoyles wore a kind of woven linen loincloth that was wrapped around the hips and held at the waist by a girdle or a belt. The females wore almost the same thing, but were full length with short sleeves and stopped above the knee. The legless male and female Gargoyles wore a belt and a sleeveless top.

Another fact that Lexington noticed that there were humans present The humans were walking on the platforms doing normal everyday things.

"Well this is rare," Lexington said, "Most humans and Gargoyles don't get along like this."

"We lived in peace with our human allies for centuries," Delorah said. "This was the reason why our city survived while the others perished."

"What do you mean?" Lexington asked.

"Come and I'll show you," Delorah said as she swam up to a gondola.

Delorah climbed inside the long flat-bottomed boat. Lexington and Charin followed. Charin took an oar that was in the gondola and propelled it through a canal.

"Where are we going?" Lexington asked.

"There," Delorah said as she was pointing to a statue that was ahead.

When they got closer to the statue, Lexington recognized it immediately.

"It's Titania!" Lexington exclaimed.

"You know Lady Titania?" Charin asked.

"Well, not personally, but my clan had a few encounters with Titania, and her husband," Lexington said. "My clan and I are living with Titania's daughter and grandson. Of course they're not fully Fey but-"

"Lady Titania and Lord Oberon are back together??!!" Delorah said shocked.

"Titania's daughter??" Charin added.

Lexington just stood there speechless.

Charin and Delorah started to talk among themselves very excitedly. Lexington, who was standing in the middle of all of this, didn't understand what all the excitement was about.

"I think we should take you to the clan council," Delorah said. "I think your arrival here was guided by fate. You might be able to help us."

"Help you? How?" Lexington asked confused.

"I'll explain once we're at the council hall," Delorah said.


After propelling the gondola through the canal, the three gargoyles came upon a shining white, building in the middle of the water city.

"That is the council hall up ahead," Charin said.

The council hall was a tall, ten story building made in a similar fashion to the pantheon in Rome.

Made out of white alabaster stone and marble, the Council Hall had gold trimmed columns surrounding the building; White marbled steps led up from the water to the building.

Lexington admired the glissing building in awe as Charin propelled the gondola to a slow stop at the base of the marbled steps. He never did wonder how the building could reflect light so well even though there was no sunlight. The underwater cavern seemed to be giving off light on its own.

"I will introduce you to Salar, who is head of the clan council," Delorah said as she got out the gondola.

Lexington and Charin followed. When the three Gargoyles were at the entrance, they were greeted by two gargoyles posed as guards who were carrying long spears.

The two gargoyles stood at attention.

"We come to see Salar," Delorah said. "We want him to meet a fellow gargoyle who is a visitor from the surface world."

The two guards looked at Lexington, and relaxed. They allow the three gargoyles to pass through.

The three gargoyles went pass the guards and into a long column lined passageway. The passageway was dimly lit by the light in oil burning bronze stands that were spread out in the passageway. At the end of the passageway was a bright light, and the sound of running water.

The passageway opened up into a large cathedral sized room. A large open dome let in bright light that reflected off the alabaster walls and white marbled floors. In the center of the room was pond fountain with water coming out of a whale statue. At the fountain was a red gargoyle.

"Salar," Delorah called out as she went up to him.

Salar turned around. Lexington saw that Salar was a purely aquatic gargoyle. He was Salmon red in color except for his chest and face which were a light yellow-orange color. He also had huge fin-like ears which were the same color. There was a ray fin that started from Salar's head and went down his back. On his long forearms were large fins. Lexington figured that those fins must of served as wings because there were no wings on Salar's back. Salar also had webbed feet and hands.

"Greetings Delorah," Salar said. "And I see that you have a guest."

"This is Lexington," Delorah said. "He is from the surface world. We rescued him from the storm."

"I'm very pleased to meet you," Salar said as he grasp Lexington's forearm with his webbed talon. "If you don't mind, I would like to say that I do admire your body armor. It is a very distinct and magnificent design."

"Uh, yeah, thanks," Lexington said, not knowing what to say. Lexington knew that Salar was talking about the golden metal implants that replaced his tail, and part of his skull. It'll take too long for Lexington to explain Salar the truth. And besides, Lexington want to know more about his people.

"Lexington knew Lady Titania," Delorah said. "That is the main reason why I-"

"What??!!" Salar exclaimed as the ray fin on his head unfurled upwards like a Chinese paper fan. "How?"

"It's a long story," Lexington said.


After Lexington told Salar about his clan's encounter with Lady Titania and Lord Oberon, Salar turned around towards the fountain, with his hands behind his back looking downcast.

"Lady Titania saved our people from inevitable destruction," Salar said. "Thousands of years ago, our home was an island off the Aegean Sea. Our home was the only place in the Mediterranean where humans and Gargoyles lived in peace. Our people lived off the sea and traded with our Greek and Roman neighbors. Near the northern part of the island was a volcano that became increasingly violent. Because of the volcano, our island home started to slowly sink over many years. If the sinking continued our home would had been lost. But then Lady Titania intervened. She admired our people and didn't want our culture to become extinct; So she saved our island home. The result of her kind act caused the divorce between her and lord Oberon. Lord Oberon had a strong option about interfering in the affairs of mortals."

"But that don't explain why you're so upset," Lexington said.

Charin answered Lexington's question. "Four days before you came, members of our hunting party started disappearing when they went outside to the sea to catch fish. Witnesses say that they were taken by a 'sea dragon'. Now our remaining hunting party is afraid to go back in the sea."

"If we don't do something, our people will starve, both human and Gargoyle." Salar added. "Since you and your clan know Lady Titania, you can contact her and tell her that we need her help."

"I'm sorry Salar, but I can't just call Titania like that," Lexington said. "And even if I could, I wouldn't know how."

"This is most disturbing," Salar said. "What am I going to do now?"

"You can send some Gargoyles to investigate," Delorah said. "That's how we found Lexington."

"No, it's too dangerous," Salar said.

"I think this 'sea dragon' might be a nothing but a submarine," Lexington said.

All three Gargoyles looked at Lexington, confused.

"It's like a boat that works under water," Lexington said. "Humans on the surface usually use them as part of their naval fleet. I think that someone must have seen one of you out in the sea. If it was the wrong people than they might want to capture you."

"If what Lexington is saying is true, then we have a real problem on our hands," Salar said. "I feared that there might be a day when we might not be able to hide from the outside world forever. Tomorrow I will send a group of searchers out to identify this 'sea dragon'."

Then all of the Gargoyles turned to stone.


After the Gargoyles awoke from their stone sleep; Salar got a search party of about 20 Gargoyles together, and brief them on their mission.

"You all will go out to where the 'sea dragon' was last seen and investigate," Salar said. "If you find this sea dragon do not engage, come back here immediately."

"Too bad I can't come with you," Lexington said. "But I can make a-"

"Who said that you couldn't come," Salar said cutting Lexington off. "When our people go out to the sea, we sometimes find objects from sunken ships, and we study them. Some time ago we found something that we think is some type of underwater breathing device. Our people don't need it, but we think that it will prove some use to you."

Delorah walked in carrying an old oxygen tank; it was blue with chipping paint and red orange rust stains. Attached to it were a hose and a scuba mouthpiece.

"Scuba gear!" Lexington exclaimed as he took the scuba tank away from Delorah and began to examine it. "I never went scuba diving but there is a first time for everything."

Lexington examined the scuba gear very carefully. It didn't have a mask, but that wasn't the main problem. Lexington checked the gage that was on top of the tank to see if it still had air in it. The glass covering that protected the gauge needle was cracked. The gauge needle itself was slightly rusted and it was on the full mark. Lexington opened the valve on the tank slightly to confirm that there was air inside.

"Is it broken?" Delorah asked.

"I don't think so," Lexington answered. "The gauge on the tank says that it's full of air but since it was under water, the pressure might have damaged it. It might be full or it might be nearly empty. So I suggest that we make this trip no more than thirty-five minutes which is the maximum amount of air this tank has."

"Alright," Salar said. "You all can go now, but be careful and keep an eye on Lexington. If he appears to be in trouble then-"

"I'll go with him," Delorah said. "My brother and I will watch Lexington."

"No," Salar said firmly. "You will stay here."

"Salar please!" Delorah pleaded, "I want to go! I was the one to find Lexington in the first place!"

"You went against orders," Salar said. "You weren’t even supposed to be there."

"But," Delorah started to say, but Salar cut her off.

"No," Salar said firmly, "you will stay here. Charin, you'll be Lexington's guide."

In response to this, Delorah turned away sharply and walked out in protest.

Lexington watched Delorah with concern.

"Don't worry about her, she'll be fine," Charin said as he caught Lexington's eye.


About a hour later, Lexington, Charin and a group of twenty Gargoyle warriors carrying tritons and spears were swimming deep in the Aegean Sea.

Lexington didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He looked down into the endless gray depths below, watching fish and an occasional sea turtle swim by.

Soon a dot appeared in the distance from below and grew rapidly in size. Lexington tapped Charin on his shoulder to get his attention and pointed to the growing shape. Charin looked and then gave Lexington a hand signal which meant "everything is okay" (a while back, Charin taught Lexington some basic hand signals that his people use to communicate while under water).

Soon Lexington recognized the approaching shape as a sperm whale, which was going towards the surface.

"It's probably going to get air," Lexington thought as the whale swam pass him, "There is nothing to be afraid of."

A minute later, several shoals of fish and a school of dolphins swam up from the depths in a big hurry. The echolocation clicks from the dolphins were high pitched and fanatic.

Charin pointed up, signaling Lexington and the other Gargoyles to go to the surface.

"What's up?" Lexington asked Charin when they got to the surface.

"Someone or something frightened those dolphins," Charin said.

"How do you know?" Lexington asked.

"Our people know the various languages of different sea life," Charin said. "And the language of the dolphins is one of them. They said 'flee, the evil one is here."

"I guess we just found our 'Sea Dragon'." Lexington said.

"Everyone, refill your lungs with air," Charin ordered. "Lexington, how is your air supply?"

Lexington checked his air gauge. "I have about twenty-five minutes left," he said.

"Good," Charin said. "Lets hope that the 'Sea Dragon' isn't too deep in the sea, where we can't follow."

Charin proceeded to dive under the water. The rest of the Gargoyles followed.

"I have a feeling that the 'Sea Dragon' will find us," Lexington said as he placed his scuba mouthpiece back in his mouth, and went underneath the waves.

The Gargoyles swam straight down in the murky blue green water. The deeper the Gargoyles swam the darker the water became. The sunlight above was only a small pinpoint at this depth. Lexington felt a sharp drop in temperature as the sea water got a whole lot fridged, making it harder for him to swim.

Soon Lexington saw a faint glimmer of the seabed below. He saw a seabed scared with fissures and canyons.

Then Lexington saw something that made him almost gasp with horror.

There were skeletons and partly decaying remains of dead marine life floating in the water. And it wasn't a few floating here and there. It was like an underwater grave yard. There were skeletons of mostly small fish but the decayed remains were of large animals such as dolphins and whales...

But that wasn't the worst of it. Drifting with the skeletons and the remains were the missing Gargoyles who were each attached to tentacles that came from the scarred seabed below. They were drifting in the sea to and fro, and seemed lifeless.

Charin gave his troops several quick hand signals and they quickly started to remove the tentacles from their brethren. Lexington went to help.

The seemingly lifeless Gargoyles opened their eyes which began to glow an unnatural eerie bright green color. With expressionless zombie-like faces the Gargoyles grabbed their rescuers. At the same time, several tentacles snaked up from the deep and tried to grab Lexington and the others.

Some of the Gargoyles escaped the grasp of their trapped kin but was captured by the tentacles. The reaction was instantaneous. The captured Gargoyles became limp and motionless.

After seeing this, Lexington franticly tried to swim back to the surface away from the tentacles. But they were too fast for him.

A tentacle, faster than a striking cobra, whipped around Lexington's left leg.

And then everything went black.


When Lexington woke up, he wasn't under water. He was on dry land in a forest. The sun was shining the birds were singing...

Birds? Trees?

Lexington gave himself a mental slap on both cheeks. The last thing he remembered was being in the sea trying to escape from those tentacles. And now he was on land. Something very odd was happening...

Then there was rustling coming from a bush. Lexington turned around sensing danger. But it was just Charin, looking just as dazed and confused as Lexington.

"What happened?" Charing asked.

"I don't have the slightest idea," Lexington said. "Did you find anybody else?"

"No," Charin said.

"One minute we're in water and now we're on land," Lexington said. "What I think what happened was that we got away, and somehow made it back-"

Lexington stopped short in the middle of his sentence and looked up in the sky. Charin looked at Lexington and followed his lead.

"The sun," Charin said at his realization, "why aren't we stone?"

"I think we're going to find out thaHHHHHHHH!"

Lexington was cut off when the scene suddenly changed from the forest to black emptiness in which he and Charin was falling.

Lexington and Charin fell for what seemed to be an eternity. Then they hit solid ground on an empty, flat landscape. There was thunder and lightning in the purplish gray sky above.

"What is going on??!!" Lexington demanded as he lifted himself off the ground.

"I don't know, but I sense sorcery might be involved," Charin said.

The purplish clouds began to stir. The clouds swirled and formed into a demon like face with green glowing eyes.

A lighting bolt struck the ground in front of Lexington's feet causing him to jump back.

"You have the stench of Avalon around you," The head said in a slow, deep, booming voice. "I've finally found the one I'm looking for."

"Who, or should I say what are you?" Lexington demanded.

"I am Typhon," the head said. "I am the dragon of the deep."

"What do you want with me?" Lexington asked. "And what does Avalon have to do with anything?"

"The Gathering has begun," Typhon said.

"And let me guess," Lexington said, "you don’t want to go."

"No," Typhon said, "I'm not Faye but I was created by one."

Before Lexington could ask who, the landscape shimmied and changed like a mirage.

Lexington and Charin was floating above an ocean. The lightning filled sky above was a greenish blue color. Scattered around in the ocean were very active volcanoes shooting lava, rocks and gas in the air. Occasionally a lighting bolt would strike the water.

Lexington and Charin were now under the water; they could breathe and weren’t wet. In the ocean was a small transparent blob about the size of a green pea. The blob then split in two. One blob kept dividing, and over time developed into the first primitive unicellular life forms. Then overtime those simple life forms became jellyfish, fish, and the higher life forms which eventually started to live on dry land.

Meanwhile the other blob stayed single-celled but it grew larger and larger. It evolved just as the other life forms. It grew from just absorbing the nutrients from the ocean to growing tentacles to catch the food it needs.

By the time of the age of the dinosaurs the protoplasm creature was the size of man.

I'm the child of the Great Mother of all living things, Typhon said telepathically.

"By the dragon!" Charin exclaimed. "We all came from...from that?"

But Typhon wasn't finished.

The scenery changed again. It was now millions of years later. The great ice age had begun. Cro-Magnon hunters and woolly mammoths were on the scene. At the same time in the great ocean, The Great Mother still lived which by this time was the size of a sperm whale.

While primitive man hunted and gathered, ignorant of the Great Mother, another civilization lived far away on an island continent of Atlantis, Typhon said. This was the highest sociality ever known that were made up of two groups of people. The ancestors of the humans who now rule this world and the beings you know now as the Faye.

Typhon then showed various domestic scenes of Atlantis which looked very much alike the Atlantis of today.

The great ruler of Atlantis was a Faye named Lord Jehubron. He had a wife named Eveoah and three children named Oberon, Moab, and Gebron. Moab and Gebron was jealous of Oberon who was the oldest and the next in line to rule the faye. So they conspired to turn the two against each other. The rift between Lord Jehubron and Oberon elevated into a war. Some Fayes allied themselves with Jehubron and others with Oberon.

The scene changed again and Lexington saw Lord Jehubron (who was the same color as Oberon but with black hair and wore a red and black battle suit) and his Fayes fighting Oberon and his fayes.

The two Faye were evenly matched. They couldn't destroy each other, Typhon continued. As he talked the scenes changed Jehubron knew of the Great Mother and of her power. He captured the Great mother and split her into two. Out of the two became I. We were controlled and used against Oberon.

"How?" Lexington asked.

As the two armies of Faye fought, suddenly a pyramid radiant than the sun appeared out of the ground. On the apex of the pyramid was a huge eye.

Lexington watched speechless. That eye and the pyramid looked all too familiar.

For a moment all the faye stopped fighting and looked up at the eye.

Lord Jehubron, who was watching, smiled with glee.

Then the eye blinked.

Immediately chaos ensued. The ones who looked at the eye were doomed. Their souls got sucked out their bodies and went inside the eye. The eye grew in size as it consumed souls.

"Don't look at the eye you fools!" Lord Jehubron yelled at his army.

The warning was drowned out by the screaming Faye who were trying to get away from the monstrous eye.

Tentacles burst out the ground grabbing the Faye, ripping and twisting bodies...

"Oh God," Charin said shielding his eyes.

Jehubron, realizing that his creatures were out of control, tried to stop them with his magic. But it wasn't working.

Oberon, floating over the fray in a magic shield crossed his arms and looked down at his father.

"Oberon!" Jehubron hissed charging.

Jehubron didn't get far. A Tentacle shot out of the ground and wrapped him tight in a cocoon.

Oberon turned towards the eye and did one clap.

The tentacles relaxed. The eye froze, blinking ever so slowly.

"How?" Jehubron said gawking.

The scene faded again. It was some later time. Jehubron and Eveoah were in heavy iron chains. Oberon went up to his father and touched his forehead with one finger. Jehubron howled in pain as Oberon zapped his strength. Oberon's mouth moved silently. Lexington realized that this scene was a silent dialogue. It was like watching a silent movie.

Jehubron drew weaker as his strength was zapped from him. His face wrinkled, his muscles atrophy. Jehubron aged in a matter of seconds.

Evoah got in front of Oberon on her knees with her hands clasp as if in prayer. She was pleading to her son. Begging him.

Evoah plea seemed to work. Oberon said something to the emaciated Jehubron. From the gestures that followed it was clear that Jehubron was being banished from Atlantis.

Next scene. Moab and Gebron talking. Planning.

Oberon and Evoah on a throne. Evoah's stomach is growing.

"You mean to tell me that Oberon married his own mother?" Lexington asked indecorously."And got her pregnant?

Next scene. Moab and Gebron are talking to Oberon. He doesn't look too happy.

They convinced Oberon that Evoah stayed with him to topple his thorn with the child. Typhon said.Evoah found out their plan from a trusted servant. She knew her life and that of her child was in danger. So she came to me

"How?" Charin asked.

Evoah cast a spell that made me sentient. Even though I was a large uni-cell organism, I had no mind. When she touched me I knew. I knew of every thing. The knowledge of good and evil. So I made a choice.

Evoah was holding a baby rapped in a golden blanket. Lexington couldn't get a clear look at it's face but it was a boy. She brought the boy up to Typhon who at this time who looked like a 6 feet tall yellowish amoeba with tentacles like an octopus. One of the tentacles touched the Faye child. It changed from blue to green. From boy to girl.

Evoah then set me free. When Oberon found out that the child and Evoah was gone he ripped Atlantis apart looking for them. He even used the great mother to reek havoc even though he couldn't control her. The destruction went beyond Atlantis. The world was flooded. Because of the ice age all of the water froze. The world was becoming a lifeless sphere. But then Oberon's new wife intervened.

The Gargoyles then saw another image.

It was Titantia. She was the same color as the baby.

"It all makes sense now!" Charin said. "Titantia saved Atlantis. But how."

"I don't think Typhon knows," Lexington said. "I don't even think Titantia even knows that Lord Oberon is her father."

"Is that what you want?" Charin asked. "You want to tell Titantia the truth."

No. I want my mother

"That big eye on a pyramid is your mother?" Charin said. "Oberon might have destroyed it!"

No! She lives. I will not be complete until she is found!!

As Typhon said this tentacles came up and grabbed Lexington. Charin got his trident, and stabbed the tentacles. The hole the trident left behind closed back up like nothing happened.

"No!" Charin roared, as a tentacle grabbed his arm. "Is there a weapon that'll stop this creature?!!"

"It's mostly water," Lexington struggled to say as the tentacles continued to rap around his body. "Trying to stab it will be like trying to impale water on a stick."

"So it can be defeated?" Charin said brightly.

"Only if you have a lot of salt," Lexington said flatly.

"This is unjust," Charin said. "Titantia has not been here over a millennia. What makes you think she'll show up now?"

We have a coexisting relationship. She will sense the danger to her children. She will come

The tentacles tighten their grip on the Gargoyles. It was harder for them to breathe.

All the pieces came together now. The eye on the pyramid? Only one organization has a symbol based on that creature.

The Illuminati.

This is clearly Matt's department,Lexington thought. But if the Illuminati had Typhon's mother then the Atlantis clan is saved. But what if they don't? A creature that big is hard to control. not even Oberon himself could control it. And if Typhon found out what he knew, then the whole world is a risk.

Lexington couldn't let that happen.

"I think this is the end my friend," Charin said wheezing as a tentacle wrapped around his neck.

"Titiania!!" Lexington yelled "You must come and save your people! My clan and I risked a lot to protect your grandson with no reward in return! You owe us our lives!!"

Lighting began to flash. The sky turned blue-black. It started to rain salt.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Typhon yelled. His tentacles retracted and dehydrated.

"What makes you think I forget about your clan?" Titiania said materializing out of the sky.

"Titiania!" Exclaimed Charin and Lexington.

"Retreat," Titiania ordered.

The cytoplasmic tentacles moved from the Gargoyles. They merged inside the huge one cell creature. The blob rose up smoothly and formed a transparent human shape with no features. Where the face would be was the suggestion of a nose and brow ridges, and a lump where the lips should be. But no actual features. Right where the heart would be was the nucleus of this sentient cell.

"It wants its mother," Charin said.

"I know," Titaina said. "There is no need for this despair. Your mother is every where."

The mirage changed. It showed all aquatics in the sea, and the fauna and flora of the land. The images were so real that Lexington flinched when a herd of deer ran right through him.

"Remember," Titania said. "You stayed one as your mother became many. She evolved just as you."

No,Typhon said. I stayed one.

"She's right," Charin said. "You developed beyond a simple life form."

Typhon changed back into his original form. I am only one

"No," Lexington said. "There are many others like you. They are different but still the same."

Five minutes would go by before Typhon spoke.

I didn't mean to cause this trouble, he said.I will meditate on this lesson I've learnt today

Suddenly there was a bright light.


Lexington, Charin, and the other Gargoyles that were trapped were back at the entrance. Salar and Delorah were there waiting for them.

"Brother, you're alright!" Delorah said hugging him.

Salar grasp Lexington's forarm. "I'm glad to see that you survived."

"Me too," Lexington said. "The problem has been solved. You don't have to worry about Gargoyles vanishing again."

"Thank you," Salar said with gratitude.

"It wasn't me," Lexington.

"Tiianta saved us," Charin said. "And we discovered a living entity"

Salar looked, bewildered.

"We have a lot of explaining to do." Lexington said.


Lexington didn't go back on the skiff, but decided to stay in Atlantis another night.

Over dinner, Lexington told Salar and Delorah what happened.

"So Titania is Oberon's daughter," Salar said. "Does she know?"

"No," Lexington said. "And I don't think she should."

"Why?" Delorah exclaimed. "Lady Titania should know! We own her! She saved us twice!"

"This knowledge could be very damaging," Salar said. "It could endanger our home if Oberon found out the truth."

"Avalon’s magic sent Lexington here to find out this information," Charin said. "Lady Titania will one day find out this. But now is not the time. We don't even know the whole story."

Everyone nodded in agreement.


The next night Lexington was on the skiff at the enterance of the cave. Salar and Charin were there.

"I'm glad you enjoy your stay at Alantis," Salar said. "Feel free to come at anytime"

"Thank you," Lexington said, "I've enjoyed your hospitality."

"You saved our people," Charin said "On the behalf of the High Council we offer this,"

Charin gave Lexington a small sliver box. Lexington opened it and found a gold whistle neck chain with aquatic designs on it.

"Oh I really can't-"

"Please, take it," Charin said. "It's a gift. If you're ever in trouble and are near water our aquatic allies will help you."

"Thank you," Lexington said as he placed the necklace on.

Lexington was about to push the skiff out into the water when Delorah broke through the surface of the water and climbed in the skiff.

"Delorah???!!!" All the Gargoyles exclaimed.

"I'm going with Lexington," Delorah said getting straight to the point.

"You can't do that!" Salar said.

"It's too dangerous," Lexington added.

"Why would you want to go to the surface world?" Charin asked.

"We need to learn more about the surface dwellers," Delorah said. "There will come a day when we'll be discovered. It's not like the past. The humans above can now bring air with them in metal cylinders! I want to be Atlantis' ambassador. I won't stay forever. Avalon will send me back when the time is right."

Salar was silent for what seemed to be a long time.

"You can go with Lexington," Salar said finally.

Delorah's face beamed with happiness.

"But only if Charin accompanies you," Salar added.

Delorah started to protest.

"I have made up my mind," Salar said. "After all we know you're quiet a talonful and Lexington can't keep an eye on you all by himself."

Lexington smiled.

Charin gave Salar a forearm grasp.

"We'll return when Avalon releases us from our journey," Charin said as he got in the skiff.

Lexington started to steer the skiff into the water. As everyone waved and said good bye Lexington was glad that he wouldn't have to complete his journey alone.