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This is the update page. Come in here to find out the latest updates that I placed on my website so far (Scroll down to the bottom for newest updates).

JAN 1, 2004

Happy New Year!!! And a great way to start a new year is with a fan fic! I discovered why I couldn't upload my file. A hair. Yes, there was a hair in my Iomega zip drive. It is working good as new now. My next fanfic will be about Cagney. Yes Cagney. Why him? I was thinking, if Bronx can have a whole Avalon tour episode then why not Cagney (or at least a fanfic!)? I'll give my characters in my GargVerse a break and give Cagney the spot light! Stay tuned!

JAN 31,2004

I just posted some of my fanfic on a few days ago. I think this is another excellent site for posting and reading not only Gargfic but other fic from other cartoons, movies, t.v. shows, books, ect. Also, I was just checking out my site for bugs and if found out that on my sound page NONE of the links work. So I had to knock the page down until I fix everything.
THE CHANTE FILES:I didn't forget about my spinoff series. It's just that I've been quite busy since I'm in the military, and I don't see a whole lot of people flocking to the site (only about 900 and something hits). Also there 3 more fics I want to write about I have to get back at the series which will explain alot. Also I'm planning to write a commentary about some of the episodes. Stay tuned!

JULY 28,2004

I was almost done with "Elisa, Meet Cagney" When I somehow exit the word prefect program, loosing about 2 weeks worth of work. This retaught me a very important lesson, SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN!!!! The good thing out of all of this is that I had a chance to at least post part of Elisa, Meet Cagney at the site under "Cartoons/Gargoyles". Find the story by author (kjay1) and all of the fics I posted will pop up. Scan down to Elisa, Meet Cagney and enjoy. Don't forget to add your comments! (There is a link to the site back on the main page).

JULY 25, 2006

Finally! I posted "ELISA MEET CAGNEY". After typing for some time I realized the fic was at the 25 page point and I wasn't even finished! So I decided to make it a two parter.Currently part one is posted. I got around 3 pages done on part two so it's going to be awhile. Also I created my blog on yahoo which should be posted on my home page by now.

AUGEST 27, 2006

I finally made my personal page,which I call "THE UNIVERSE OF TIGONESS" which will contain my artwork,my beliefs, my ramblings about different topics and all kinds of other stuff. It's not fully operational yet, but you can still check it out to get a sneak peek of what it's all about.

SEPT 26, 2008

In feburary of this year, I packed up my things and moved from Brooklyn NY to el paso TX. Why? Because the building and the neihborhood that I lived in was too bad. The last straw was when my laptop was stolen in my apartment (Long story) along with my Zip back up drive. So then I had to buy another laptop. Thank goodness I back up some of my stuff on CD's but alot of my files were lost never to return. So I don't know when I'll be working on Gargfics again. The good news out of all of this is that I finally published my book "Therion, The Chosen" that I've been working on for some time. You can check out the link on the home page. Or go to and put "Therion, the Chosen" in the search field.


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