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NAME: Karima Hall



LOCATION: Brooklyn N.Y.

AGE: 20

RAMBLING: I'm 5'6 157 pounds, with black hair and dark brown eyes. I play the keyboard, and the and the baritone horn, and I'm in a marching band. I also like to compose music too.
My other hobbies are playing all the nintendo systems, watching t.v., martial arts (goju), watching Japanese anime, writing Gargoyle fanfics, and drawing.

FAVORITE WORDS: Uh, I haven't figured that one yet. :)


NAME: Mysteria (full name: O Magnum Mysteria)


RACE: Gargoyle/Human

AGE: 2783 years

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Gargoyle: Navy Blue skin, long black hair, 6'0, 200 pounds. Bat-like wings with two clawed fingers on the end. Human: light tan skin, long black hair, light brown eyes, 5'11 160 pounds.

PERSONALITY: Calm and cool. Doesn't get angry easily, but when she does, look out! Also she's good at finding other ways to solve problems.

HERstory: Born of the Spanish-Iberian clan of Spain in 785 during the Spanish War of the Reconquest when the Knights and the Moors were fighting over Spain, Mysteria and her Clan were protecting the people of a small village from Moorish attacks. The people and the Gargoyles there lived together peacefully. But the Preist of the village didn't like the Gargoyles because he thought they were created by the devil. When the people didn't listen to him, the Preist secretly made a deal with the Captain of the Moorish army, which Mysteria (who wasn't Mysteria at this time) over heard. She tried to rush back to the village to tell the clan, but the sun rose before she got there. When Mysteria got back to the village that night, her clan was gone and the village was left in ruins. The Spanish Knights came and drove the Moors away, but it was too late for Mysteria. She left the village wandering from place to place until she saved the life of a Gypsy man who was being attacked by robbers. This Gypsy turned out to be a Sorcerer, and because Mysteria saved his life, he thanked her with a gift. He casted a spell on her making her immortal, and to be able to turn into a human. And he named her Mysteria because he wondered who this mysterous creature that saved him. And from that day on, Mysteria traveled around the world, protecting and helping anyone in need. She is now in the U.S., so she is bound to run into the Gargoyles in New York sooner or later.