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NOTE: In nineteen words or less- This fanfic is about the animated t.v. show "GARGOYLES" and belongs to Disney, and are not mine in anyway,ect..

Previously on Gargoyles...
"If Thailog makes more weapons that can turn people into stone, he can put it on every warhead in the world."

"So Thailog is going after the world leaders. We must stop him, but HOW is the question."

"If one of you even so much twitch, my little army will fire their lazers instantaneously, leaving nothing behind but the remains of your atoms."
-From Threat In Stone (part 1)


Elisa, Matt, and Chante had one simple choice: surrender or die.

"You won't get away with this!" Elisa raved with her hands still in the air.

"Oh really?" Thailog mocked. "And who's going to save you? Goliath? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" He laughed.

"Are we going to die?" Matt wailed, while looking at all the Thailog clones that were aiming their lazers.

"My plan is working perfectly." Thailog said confident. "The hologram was just a decoy. After I get you three out the way, there is no way Goliath can stop my plan to take the world leaders. Tomorrow night I'll just use the hologram to get inside, and take the leaders one, by one. I'll get paid a handsome sum of money to get them back."

Elisa's face went red. She could of sworn that Thailog was practically dancing with glee. The urge to pick up her gun and shoot him was really strong. But she didn't do that. She would of been dead before she took two steps. The most important thing for Elisa to do now was figure out how to get out of this alive.

Maybe I could at least get Thailog to take us as prisoners, to keep us alive... Elisa thought.

Elisa knew she was fooling herself. There wasn't going to be a at-the-last-second rescue this time.

"How the heck did he get all those clones in here?" Matt demanded suddenly. "We barely couldn't get ourselves in here!"

Chante looked at Matt, and then looked at the Thailog clones.

She looked at them very closely.

"Who dies first?" Thailog said, taking out a lazer gun and pointed it. The tip of it traveled from Elisa, Matt, and then Chante.

Everyone tensed up, except for Chante who was still staring at the Thailog clones.

Then Chante saw what she was hoping to see.

One of the Thailog clones flickered.

That was all that Chante needed to see. She charged at Thailog before he knew what happened.

"What the-" Thailog said surpised, as Chante charged at him. Instinctively, Thailog fired his lazer gun. Chante dodged out the way, jumping behind a table.

The Thailog clones didn't fire. They just stood there, still pointing their lazers.

That's when it began to click in Elisa and Matt.

"Another hologram!" Elisa exclaimed.

While Thailog was distracted with Chante, Elisa and Matt quickly grabbed their guns from the floor. Elisa fired.


Elisa shot the lazer out of Thailog's hand.

"AHHHHGRRRGH!" Thailog shouted in pain as he held his hand.

"Nice trick Thailog!" Chante said, getting up from behind the table. "Using a hologram inside of a hologram."

Thailog tried to grab his lazer gun.

"Oh no you don't!" Elisa said, pointing her gun at Thailog. "Don't you even move!"

Thailog paused.

"The shoe is on the other foot now." Matt said, as he also pointed his gun at Thailog.

Suddenly, there was a sound of running footsteps coming from outside the banquet hall.

"Gunshots this way!" A voice yelled.

"Give it up Thailog." Elisa said. "Security is coming, and you have nowhere to go."

"I thought you knew me better than that." Thailog said.

Suddenly, Thailog whipped out a small lazer gun from behind him, and aimed it at Elisa. Then he pressed a small button on his belt, and instantly he transformed into a Secret Service agent.

Everyone froze. No one moved, because Thailog was still holding on to a lazer gun even though they couldn't see it. Thailog could fire that lazer gun at anytime and they wouldn't know it.

"So we have a standoff." Thailog said acidly. "But that still doesn't change anything. I'll still have the world leaders tomorrow night." He said as he turned off the hologram of the Thailog clone army, and backed up towards the door.

"Don't coun't on it." Elisa said, darkly.

"Let's go." Chante said as she walked towards Elisa and Matt to pick up her gun that was on the floor. "We don't want those guards to find us here."

Thailog, who was now a man in a dark suit wearing sunglasses, left the room. Elisa, Matt, and Chante left through the other door that was in the back of the room. They were no closer to their goal of protecting the World Leaders. But they got out of Thailog'd trap alive. That was worth more than anything at the moment.


When Elisa, Matt, and Chante got back to the Erie building later that night, they told Goliath what happened.

"Thailog used a hologram to fool us into thinking that the banquet was tonight." Elisa explained.

"And he is going to use this hologram to get into the real banquet tonight." Chante said.

"What time is this banquet tomorrow?" Goliath asked.

"Seven o'clock." Matt said.

"An hour before we wake up." Goliath commented silently. "We can't be much use then."

"Look on the bright side." Chante said. "Thailog is a Gargoyle too. We know that whatever it is he is going to do, he can't do it until after the banquet is over, because it would be night then."

"Which means we can prepare for him." Goliath said. "We must get to that hotel. We are going there tonight."

"No Goliath!" Elisa warned. "The Secret Servic-"

"I don't care!" Goliath interupted. "You could of been killed..."

"There was nothing you could do about that Goliath!" Elisa argued. "We got out alive."

"But what about the next time?" Goliath said. "Thailog is dangerous."

"I know that you are only trying to protect me, but you can't be there for me all the time Goliath!" Elisa said. "I'm a Police Officer. This is a dangerous job and there are always going to be times when you can't protect me."

"But Elisa-" Goliath started to say, but he was cut off when he turnt to stone.

Elisa shielded her eyes from the raising sun and sighed.

"He's just trying to protect you." Matt said, putting a caring hand on Elisa's shoulder.

"Yeah I know." Elisa said quietly.

"That means he cares." Chante said.

Then Xanatos walked in, interupting the present mood. "I have a plan to stop Thailog." Xanatos said.

"How?" The three detectives said at once.

"We are going to fight fire with fire." Xanatos said. "Thailog isn't the only one with holographic technology."


The banquet at the New Yorker Hotel at 8:55 P.M.

The Summit meeting was over. The World leaders said what they had to say. The banquet, the real banquet was just begining. People was in their tuxedos or gowns. Some people were standing around talking to one another, or they were sitting at the long tables eatting their food, or sipping wine. Men in dark suits were standing around the most important people, looking jumpy, and talking into their wrists every couple of seconds. Hidden microphone no doubt. In the middle of a crowd of people was the president of the United States, and the prime minister of Britain. They were talking, and surrounding them trying to look normal were Secret Service agents.

"I think we should increase peace talks in..." The President started to say.

Suddenly a man, followed by four other Secret Service agents came up to the President and the prime minister.

"President, prime minister." The man said urgently. "Follow us. We just received a threat on your lives."

After what happened to that guard two days ago with the bomb, the two famous world leaders knew better than to argue. They followed the man without question. The other two agents that was with the president, started to follow.

"You two stay here." The man said. "We'll handle this."

The man with his four agents took the President and the prime minister in a elevator to the top floor.

"What's going on here?" The prime minister demanded. "You are not following standard safety procedures."

"You'll find out what's going on soon enough." The man said, as he pressed a button on his watch.

The four other agents that was with him disappeared. The man disappeared too, causing the two world leaders to get wide eyed.

They got wide eyed because what stood infront of them was a Gargoyle.


"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Thailog laughed. "Sur...pise! Why try to get all the world leaders when I can just grab you two, the most important ones of all!"

"Well..." The President said. "The surpise is on you...Thailog!"

The President said, pressing a button on his shirt. Instantly, he vanished, leaving behind Matt Bluestone. "I always wanted to be the President." Matt said smiling.

Thailog had a shocked, slightly stupid, look on his face.

The "Prime minister" pressed a button on his shirt also. He vanished, leaving behind Goliath.

"You're plan his failed Thailog!" Goliath grumbled, pionting at him.


An elevator door suddenly opened, and two Secret Service agents ran out, and pressed their watches. They also disappeared leaving behind Elisa, and Chante.

Thailog did a double take, and looked at Matt and Goliath, and then Elisa and Chante.

"You can't take a dose of your own medicine?" Chante said smuggly.

"How did you do it?" Thailog said with eyes glowing.

"It was simple." Matt said. "Xanatos give us a proto type hologram emitter his company was working on. He said that it never been tested, but we had no choice. It turned out to work pretty well don't you agree?"

"What about the President, the prime minister, how did you-" Thailog began.

"Right after the summit meeting was over, we kiddnapped the President and the prime minister. They are in a safe place where they'll be protected from you. After this is all over, we'll tell Secret Service where they are." Elisa said pointing a finger at Thailog when she said, "you".

Thailog wasn't too happy that his plan failed. He quickly took out a lazer like gun, and aimed it at Elisa. Goliath wasn't too thrilled when Thailog did that, so with eyes glowing and wings flared, he grabbed the weapon, causing Thailog to fire. The lazer fire, hit the wall above Elisa's head, causing her to duck.

The part of the wall that got hit turned to stone.

Elisa gasped as she moved out the way. "It's that same weapon that turned those Guards back at the MATcom building to stone! Goliath be careful!" She shouted.

Goliath was trying to grab the lazer away from Thailog. It was tug-of-war for a few seconds, with Thailog and Goliath trying to snatch the lazer away from each other.

Matt took out his gun, and saw that he had a clear shot of Thailog.



Thailog roared in pain when Matt shot him in the back of his leg. Thailog buckled and fell backwards. He pulled Goliath with him, who was still holding on to the lazer. Goliath fell over Thailog, and crashed into Matt, sending him flying down the hall. Matt hit the floor hard.

"ARRRRR!" Goliath roared, as he got up, and went after Thailog again.

Thailog, who was still on the floor, shot Goliath with the lazer. Instantly, Goliath began to turn to stone in mid-charge.

"Noooo!" Elisa shouted. She tried to run to Goliath, but Chante held her back.

Thailog then got up and pointed his lazer at Elisa and Chante. "There will be a next time!" He said as he limped backwards on a bloody leg towards a stairway exit, walking pass Matt, who was still knocked out, and left.

When Thailog was gone, Elisa rushed to Goliath, still frozen in stone, stuck in his charging pose.

Matt began to stir. "Oh man.." He groaned, as he lifted his head. "What happened?" Matt got up from the floor and saw Goliath encased in stone.

"Thailog." Chante said, answering Matt's question.

"He got away." Elisa said touching Goliath's stone arm.

"What are we going to do about-"

Before Matt could finish, Goliath began to break out of his stone skin. Cracks formed in it, and then peices of stone skin scattered in all directions.

"Goliath you're alright!" Elisa exclaimed.

"Elisa are you alright?" Goliath asked soon after her, not caring about himself.

"I'm fine." Elisa said.

"Where is Thailog?" Goliath demanded.

"He got away." Elisa said. "But we haven't seen the last of him."


Elisa's apartment. Just after sunraise

Elisa, Matt and Chante were standing outside on Elisa's balcony. Goliath's Stone form was standing in front of them, facing the sun. Golaith was in a protective pose, like he was guarding Elisa's apartment from intruders.

"It was nice of Goliath to stay here instead of going back to the Castle." Chante said as she was looking at Goliath.

"Yeah." Elisa said. "That's my Goliath. I wish he wasn't so over protective of me at times, but what can I do?"

"You wish that he was less protective?" Matt asked.

"Yes and no." Elisa said. "But I don't want him to change one bit."