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Because copyright infringers are heavily punished: This fanfic is about the animated series "GARGOYLES" which belongs to Disney and aren't mine in any way, and are being used without their permission ect...

Perviously on Gargoyles...

Matt: Remember when we fought that pink monster?

Elisa: Yeah. I got hit with that big salmon. But Chante actually tried to fight that thing. She would of gotten killed if Goliath didn't save her.

Matt: You know what's strange? Chante was acting like she encountered that thing before.

Elisa: Maybe. We'll find out sooner or later. We can't keep secrets forever you know.

"That woman Chante Hall has caused us some problems"

"I should of told them what I knew then and there. That I knew Dragnok, and I also knew all the hurt he caused. But I didn't. If I would of told them that I knew Dragnok, that would lead to questions. And I knew that I wasn't prepared to answer some of those questions."
-From "FLED"

Matt: You know something. And the Gargoyles have a right to know.

Chante: Know about what?

Matt:I saw the way you were looking at those writings, and how would Chante be able to read that if she didn't know anything. And ever since I've known you, you and Dragnok been at it. Everybody else didn't see the connection, but I do.

Chante: Alright. I can't lie no longer. I'll tell you everything. But give me some time okay?

Matt:So I'll meet you an a hour okay?

Chante: Don’t be late.

(Scene of men in black suits attacking and holding Chante down)

Chante: What do you want from me?!!

Jogger: You’ll find out soon.

The Erie building, Xanatos' lab morning

"Are you sure this will work?" Coldsteel asked with concern.

"Let's hope it will," Xanatos said. "It was the only way Goliath would agree to this."

Xanatos, Coldstone, Coldfire, and Owen was in the lab with the dormant cybernetic body of Coldsteel. Coldsteel was lying on a table with several computer terminal wires coming out of his head and neck and into a computer.

"This will be hard to do considering that fact Coldsteel was made with both science and sorcery." Owen said as he was typing at the keyboard. "You can't just simply make a 'soul transference' program. One mistake and Coldsteel’s soul could be...extinguished."

"Can we use Alex?" Xanatos asked. "After all it was him who made all this possible in the first place."

"I'm afraid that would prove too risky." Owen said. "It is easier to transfer a soul that is willing. And by the looks of Coldsteel’s obedience rating from his programming, transferring him is not a good idea. Considering Alex's magic level, attempting a soul transfer with a resistant soul could kill the child."

"Well doing that is certainly out of the question," Xanatos said. "So we will have to do this the hard way."

"It would be better if you just wipe him out," Coldsteel said. "Our brother deserved his fate."

"No," Coldfire said grabbing her love's arm. "That would be murder! Gargoyles don't kill other Gargoyles!"

"We can't just banish him!" Coldstone said. "Our brother is not only a danger to us but to all Gargoyle Clans. What if he-"

Coldstone was cut off when Coldsteel's voice came out from the computer.

"I'm not truly alive! I can't feel, taste or touch! I'm just a soul in a metal shell of steel!"

Coldstone tensed up. He aimed his arm laser at the computer.

"It's alright," Xanatos said as he was typing fanatically at the computer. "It was just Coldsteel's recent memory file. It means that we're making progress."

Coldstone relaxed slightly. Then Coldstone looked at Coldfire thinking.

What our brother said... Coldstone thought.


Inwood Hill Park, noon

With his hands in his pockets, Matt walked carefully and inconspicuously into the W207 street entrance of the park. Almost instantly, Matt was surrounded by trees and singing birds. There was barely proof that Matt was still in city. There were no slight glimpses of Manhattan skyscrapers peaking out over the trees. There were no background city sounds. No honking car horns. No people. There were no one but Matt, the trees, the birds, and the wind.

"If it wasn't for that bright orange city garbage can over there, I would think I was in Blair Witch Project," Matt said under his breath.

Just as Matt walked by the garbage can, he remembered something.

"I think that's the garbage can Chante told me to look in," Matt said as he backed up a step in front of the can.

Matt looked in the garbage can and with a fake expression of surprise said, "Oh that's where my bag went!" knowing well enough that there was nobody around within an acre to hear him.

Matt pulled out a red, Chinese take out plastic bag, and looked inside it.

Walk straight ahead on path til you see a green bench. I'll be sitting there.

"Chante could of just told me that," Matt said as he was reading a sheet a paper that had Chante's instructions on it. Matt was expecting something more complicated.

As Matt continued to walk down the path, he saw the green bench.

But no Chante.

Matt quickly ran up to the bench.

"Chante?" Matt called out towards the trees. "I'm here."

Matt was answered by a crow's squawk.

Then there was silence.

Matt hoped that Chante was just hiding. But in the back of his mind Matt knew that wasn't the case.

Also the drag marks in the dirt and dead leaves confirmed Matt's gut feelings.

Matt saw a flash of blue in the dirt. Matt stepped closer and saw part of a dart. A tranquilizer dart.

Matt backed away, fighting the urge to disturb the crime scene any further.

Yes. It was hard for Matt to admit it.

A crime was just committed.

"Oh no," Matt said under his breath. "Chante,"

Matt's mind was going a thousand miles a minute. He was thinking who, why, and when.

"Just calm down," Matt said. "You're a cop. You can handle this."

After taking a deep breath, Matt took out his cell phone and quickly dialed a number.

"Hello?" A scratchy sleepy voice answered.

"Hello Elisa??" Matt said, "Chante was kidnapped."

"What?!" Elisa exclaimed fully awake now. "How?"

Matt told Elisa the short version of what happened.

"Why did she want to talk to you all the way up in Inwood Park?" Elisa asked.

"I don't know okay?!!" Matt said snappily. "All I know is that I came to meet Chante and she was gone. I'm going to have to call the CSU, the ESU, and some choppers to-"

"Whoa, wait a minute Matt," Elisa said cutting Matt off. "We both know that there is only one person who could of kidnapped Chante. This isn't you ordinary missing persons situation here. We can't have every single police unit looking for someone we know that they can't find. And we won't be able to get real help until sunset. You have to start thinking with your head Matt."

"Yeah you're right," Matt said letting the truth sink in. "So what do we do now?"

"I'll drop by the precinct and drop the news," Elisa said. "You just stay there and keep the crime scene secure until I can come over there with some back up. Don't worry Matt, we'll find Chante."

"Okay," Matt said. "I'll stay put."

Then Matt ended the call and waited impatiently for back up to arrive.


Chante's eye's popped open suddenly. Chante found herself bounded to a wall spread eagle style.

"Where am I?" Chante said as she blinked a couple of times.

Chante scanned the room and saw that she was in a bedroom sized lab, in it was the standard lab equipment.

"Well at least Dragnok didn't kidnap me," Chante said under her breath. "Locking me up isn't his style."

"It's nice to see that you're back with us," A male voice said from a speaker that was in the corner of the room.

Chante looked up and saw a horizontally long window on the upper part of the wall near the ceiling. It was one of those one way windows so Chante couldn't see who was talking.

"Who are you and what do you want?!!!" Chante demanded. "Are you the Illuminati?"

"No, but we work with them," the man said.

"Well you just made a fatal mistake kidnapping me," Chante said as she struggled to break her bounds.

"Those cuffs are made from a diamond coated super strong poly carbonate steel made specially for you," the man said as a matter-of-factly.

Chante stopped struggling and started looking around.

"Looking for a way out?" the man said casually. "Well there is none. Even if you did manage to escape there are over a hundred soldiers armed with M-16 rifles outside waiting, ordered to kill you on sight. But we don't want to lose such a lovely subject."

"You mean the government is involved in this?" Chante said shocked. "Why should they be interested in me?"

"I think you know the answer to that Chante," the man said. "You're proving to be an interesting case."

"What do you mean?" Chante asked suspiciously.

"You were missing for over 40 years," the man said. "Our people thought you were another alien adduction case. But your situation was unusual because you were never found. Usually the victims were found alive some time later. After ten years your case was closed. But then in 1991 the FBI received a background check application for a Chante Hall who was applying for the NYPD. Fortunately one of our people who was working for the FBI recognized your name. To make sure that this wasn't another Chante Hall, the blood samples you gave for drug testing had the DNA analyzed. The results were conclusive. But a lot of questions were raised. You obviously didn't look your age. So we did more test on your blood. Those surprise drug test the NYPD give were the prefect cover. The tests proved that you were human, but also that you were something else."

That's why Matt always whined when he had to take those tests Chante thought. Matt always did hated doctors and anything else that had to do with them. Just like everybody else, Chante thought that Matt was just conspiracy crazy. But lately Chante were starting to think that Matt wasn't so crazy after all.

I have to remind myself to apologize to Matt if I ever get out of here, Chante thought.

"If you knew about me all this time, why did it take you so long to come after me?" Chante said.

"We were running tests," The man said. "We couldn't find out what alien species the inhuman DNA in you is from, but we will find that out soon enough right Chante?"

Chante had an expressionless look on her face when the man said that. Chante had a pretty good idea what the man meant. Either she was going to tell them the information they want or they were going to force it out of her. And if they found out the truth, the Gargoyles were in danger.

Chante couldn't let that happen.

"If you're going to torture me, you'll be very disappointed," Chante taunted.

The man laughed. "Oh no we never do something like that," he said. "We'll just make you our next experiment. It has been many years since we had a valuable specimen to work on. But you can spare yourself some of the trouble and tell us what you are."

Chante remained silent.

The man let out a fake disappointed sigh. "Very well then," he said. "Doctors!"

A door opened. Two men wearing white lab coats walked in.

One doctor was carrying a thick file folder. The other doctor had small, white notebook sized suitcase shaped container.

Chante started to struggle in her restraints. Remembering that she couldn't really move, Chante began to bare her teeth. She was going to bite a few fingers off before she let anybody touch her.

The Doctor with the white container opened it, and started taking out thin straw like tubes. When the tubes were put together, the resulting contraction looked like a blow gun.

The blowgun device was aimed at Chante.

There was a sudden "puff" as the doctor blew into the long tube.

Chante winced as the needle dart hit her in the stomach.

The effect from the drug was instant and quick. Chante felt a tingle rush though her body, as every one of her muscles went limp.

Then everything went dark.


Inwood Hill Park, 30 minutes later

The quiet and peaceful tranquility of the park was disturbed when back up finally arrived. A police helicopter was flying overhead. Emergency Service Unit police officers were searching the area where Chante disappeared. The Crime Scene Unit was taking pictures. Captain Chavez was in the middle of it all asking Matt what happened.

"-and when I got here, she was gone," Matt said finishing up his story.

ESU police officer Frankie Avlia and Bobby Trvesto walked up to Captain Chavez. And by the looks on their faces the news wasn't good.

"Did you find anything?" Chavez asked.

"Nope. Nada. Nothing," Bobby said. "We searched every inch of this damn park and found nothing. Not even a witness.

For a few seconds everyone was silent and grim.

"Well it figures," Frankie said. "We are not going to find a witness in this park because nobody ever hardly comes here. I don't understand why Chante would want to meet Matt here in the first place."

"May be they wanted to be alone," Bobby added. "Bluestone might finally get a girlfriend."

Bobby then made a kissy face.

Matt was on Bobby in a flash. Matt took his fist and knocked Bobby on his backside. Bobby shielded his face with his arms. "OW! I didn't mean no harm man!!!"

Chavez and Frankie pulled Matt off of Bobby.

"Bluestone!" Chavez said as she pulled Matt back. "Get control of yourself!"

Matt stepped back and raked his hand angrily through his red hair. "He shouldn't of test me."

Bobby stumbled to his feet. "He's gone crazy," he panted.

"Trvesto, what did you think you were doing?!!" Chavez demanded.

"I was just trying to lighten things up a bit," Bobby said apologizing as he placed nursed his swollen cheek.

"Well he has a funny way of showing it," Matt mumbled.

"Forgive my partner," Frankie said. "Sometimes he picks the worst time to be funny. We'll go and finish up the search."

Frankie and Booby walked away. When they were gone, Chavez turned to Matt.

"I know this is a stressful situation for you, but that doesn't mean you start punching people."

"I know," Matt said. "I just feel a little bit tied down. Chante is gone and there is nothing I can do."

"Everyone is doing the best they can to help," Chavez said. "But even I have to admit that this doesn't look good. Besides those two tranquilizer darts you and the CSU found, we have no clu-"

Chavez stopped. Something clicked inside of her head.

"Captain what's wrong?" Matt asked concerned.

"A lot of strange things have been happening lately," Chavez said. "First the Gargoyles, the mutated Pack, and now those pink monsters. Sometimes I can't tell what's real anymore. But I do believe in proof and evidence. I didn't tell anyone what I know because I know they'll think I nuts. But I know that you're into the weird stuff...."

Matt got a tingling sensation on the back of his neck. Matt knew what that meant. He always get that feeling when he's about to find out important information. It's usually about the Illuminati. But only this had nothing to do with the Illuminati,-at least that what Matt hoped.

"So let me get to the point," Chavez continued, "Remember when Chante and I got 'kidnapped'?"

"Matt nodded.

"Well there were some inconsistencies with that story," Chavez said almost in a whisper, "Chante and I were kidnapped by a man named Dragnok. He's the so called 'monster' you and Maza ran into over a year ago. It seems that Hall and Dragnok have a grudge."

Matt wasn't surprised at all of this information. Matt was surprised that the Captain knew.

"Bluestone your partner is more than she seems," the Captain said. "If it wasn't for her we wouldn't escaped Dragnok and his shock troop of monsters."

"I know," Matt said. "I knew that there was something up. That's why Chante and I was supposed to meet here. She was going to tell me the truth."

Chavez stepped back a bit in shock.

"Oh and by the way Captain, those monsters are called Tazis."

"Bluestone how did you-"

"It's a long story."

Chavez took a deep breath. "Well we both found out what happens when you keep secrets," she said, "This was the only way I could tell you that I think Dragnok is behind all of this. I'm trying to convince the CSU that this was a kidnapping. But they think this a kidnapping/murder. They are trying to figure out why it took two tranquilizers that had enough sedative to kill a horse to subdue a 150 pound female."

There was a long silence. Captain Chavez and Matt looked at each other.

"Captain I think that you shouldn't talk to anyone else about this except Elisa and myself," Matt said."

"So Elisa knows about this too," Chavez said.

At that moment, Elisa, ESU police officer Jessica Haley, and a woman walked up to Matt and Captain Chavez.

"Captain we found a witness," Elisa said.

"Well actually she found us," Jessie said. "She lives in the five story brownstone building that's near the entrance to the park. When she saw the police outside she tried to tell us what she saw, But she can't speak English well."

"Miss what is your name?" Chavez asked.

"My name is Lauren Moreano," The woman said with a thick Hispanic accent.

Chavez began to talk to Lauren in Spanish.

"So what did she say?" Matt asked when they were finished talking.

"Several men in black suits grabbed Chante," Chavez said. "They placed her in a black bag and left in a black Limo, that was waiting near the entrance."

Matt nodded slightly. "That's all the information we'll need from her."

"Matt are you sure?" Elisa stressed.

"I think so detective," Chavez said, answering for Matt. "Mrs. Moreano couldn't read the license plate on the Limo, so there is nothing else we can find out. Haley you can walk Mrs. Moreano home."

"Alright," Jessica said as she escorted Mrs. Moreano away.

Matt filled Elisa in about what happened.

"It's a relief that we don't have to keep hiding info from the Captain," Elisa said, and at the same time she thought, It won't be long before the Captain finds out about our relationship with the Gargoyles.

"So far we know that Dragnok didn't take Chante," Matt said.

"If Dragnok didn't kidnap her who did?" Chavez asked.

"The government," Matt answered. "And possibly the Illuminati."

Elisa and Chavez gave Matt a strange look.

"If not them, then who else?" Matt said. "Besides if it has anything to do with the government, I can find out. I use to work for the FBI for crying out loud."

"Maybe," Chavez said hesitantly. "We have no other choice. You two go and see what info you can find. I'll tell CSU to call off the search."


Lower Manhattan 12th street and Ave B 4:30 p.m.

Elisa went to the Erie building to tell Xanatos what had happened. Matt was going to make a phone call but didn't. He decided to pay someone a visit.

Matt walked inside a tan building and walked up the stairs to the third floor. He walked up to apartment 3C and angrily knocked on the door.

A few moments went by and the door opened. It was Martin Hacker.

"Matt?!" Hacker said surprised, "What are you doing here?!!"

"Cut the bull crap Martin," Matt said harshly. "You know why I'm here."

"Matt I totally don't know what you're-"

"Chante, where is she?" Matt snapped cutting Hacker off.

"Matt, I wish I could help you but I don't know anything." Hacker said.

"A witness saw a group of men drug Chante and stuff her unconscious body into a black Limo," Matt said. "That fits the MO of a certain secret society I know of."

Hacker gave in. "Alright," he said. "But the Illuminati had nothing to do with your partner's kidnapping, The feds did. But we did give them information."

"The government? But why?" Matt asked.

"Chante Hall disappeared under 'mysterious circumstances' in 1940. Chante's brother reported seeing a UFO right before Chante went missing."

Matt stood there with his mouth open. "Then that would mean that Chante is 59 years old! But that's impossible! She doesn't appear-"

"I know," Hacker said cutting Matt off. "Why do you think they kidnapped her?"

"Do you know where they taken her?" Matt asked.

"A research lab upstate that is supported by the government," Hacker said. "Don't ask me where it is because I don't know. But you could ask Xanatos."

"I hope you're not setting me up," Matt threatened.

"No," Hacker said. "I'm still your friend Matt no matter what you think. Don't you know that I'm risking myself by giving you this information?"

Matt gave Hacker a hard look. Matt wasn't exactly bursting with sympathy.

"Once you lose somebody's trust it's hard to gain it back," Matt said as he turned around and left.

"I guess that was a 'thank you'," Hacker said to himself.


The Erie building sunset

Matt was with Elisa, Coldstone, and Coldfire on the castle's parquet pacing back and forth impatiently waiting for the Gargoyles to break out of their stone skins.

"Matt you need to calm down," Elisa said.

"How can I remain calm when Chante is still out there?!" Matt said. "They might be torturing her or worse."

"Matt," Elisa said. "Don't worry."

As the sun's rays slowly faded, Matt was standing there with his mind in a scramble of thoughts. Matt was more worried about Goliath and the others helping Chante then anything else. The Gargoyles had a few near death escapes, and all of them dealt with Dragnok and his Tazis. And as everybody knows Chante and Dragnok have a grudge. Why should the Gargoyles help Chante when she is partly the cause of their problem? The Gargoyles only knew Chante for over a year and know very little about her. If Matt used "Elisa" and "kidnap" and the same sentence, Goliath would be all over the matter. But what about Chante?

As Matt was thinking this, the Gargoyles suddenly broke free from their stone skins.

Goliath jumped down from his roost and saw Elisa and Matt there.

"Elisa is something wrong?" Goliath said surprised to see Elisa at the castle so early.

"Yeah sort of," Elisa said, "But only Matt needs help."

"Goliath and the others turned to Matt.

Matt took a deep breath.

"Chante was kidnapped earlier today," Matt said. "We were suppose to meet in Inwood Hill park. But when I got there she was gone. Now if you don't want to help me save her I'll-"

"Why wouldn't we want to save her?" Angela said in disbelief that Matt would say such a thing.

"Well, I figured that you guys don't know Chante as well as Elisa and myself so-"

"Chante is part of our Clan just like you and Elisa," Goliath said. "When I first met you I helped you get inside Hotel Cabal. You can't gain allies without trust."

Matt felt a little stupid. How could he of ever doubted the Gargoyles!

"So where is she?" Hudson asked.

"In my Gen-U-Tech lab upstate," Xanatos answered walking in.

Goliath growled slightly. He wasn't too happy about that answer.

"Matt told me that he found out that Chante was kidnapped by the government and was sent to a research center," Xanatos explained, "I sold that Upstate lab to the government after I created Thailog."

Goliath growled again a little more angrily this time.

"At least we're not dealing with Tazis this time," Brooklyn said. "After dealing with them Human guards are a piece of cake."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Xanatos said. "This is the United States Government we're talking about. The military will be guarding that lab. Not some guards-for-hire."

"This also might be a trap," Matt said. "My former partner a.k.a. Illuminati member Martin Hacker told me that the Government was involved in Chante's kidnapping. If the Illuminati are involved in this, they might be setting up a trap to capture you guys."

After a long pause Goliath spoke. "If this is a trap we just have to use it to our advantage,"

At that moment Owen came in.

"The Helicopter is ready," Owen said.

"I'll show you all what I hope is still the layout of the building," Xanatos said.

"Alright," Goliath said getting in command mode now. "After Xanatos tells us the layout of the building we'll try to develop a plan from there."

Coldstone and Coldfire stepped forward. "We're coming along brother," Coldstone said.

"You don't have to do this," Goliath said.

"From what we have heard, you're going to need all the help you can get," Coldstone said.

"I'm coming along too," Matt said. "After all this is my mission."

Goliath subtlely looked at Elisa and gave her the worried look.

"I guess I'll stay," Elisa said, sensing that Goliath didn't want her to come along, "Somebody has to report something to the Captain."

And I don't want to worry the big guy, Elisa added silently.


It was a three hour trip to the lab. It was really two but Goliath and the others had to get out the helicopter and hike the rest of the way by foot. They couldn't risk getting picked up by radar.

Everyone walked through a forest that gradually thinned out into a flat cleared area, that was sealed in by a electrified barbed wired fence. There was a dirt road that led up to a gate that had a checkpoint booth. In the distance there were a cluster of white gray buildings.

"Coldstone can you see how many guards are at that gate?" Goliath asked.

Coldstone zoomed his optics towards the checkpoint booth. "There is no one there," He reported. "But I do see a lot of humans rushing into one of those buildings."

"Something must be up," Matt said. "If the government has something secret to hide in that building, they'll never leave it unguarded. That'll be like the president without the secret service."

"It looks like the party has started without us," Brooklyn said.

"Something must be wrong, come," Goliath said.

Coldstone and Coldfire flew in the air with Matt while everyone else ran through the checkpoint gate on all fours. They ran until they got to the area Coldstone saw the soldiers.

"Where do we go now?" Hudson asked.

"I think we should start with that building," Goliath said as he pointed to a four story, rectangle shaped building.

Everyone ran in the back entrance of the building away from the soldiers, who paid the intruders no mind.

When everyone got inside the building, it was the same scene. Alarms going off. Soldiers running past the Gargoyles like they were unimportant.

"Why are they not attacking?" Coldstone wondered.

Before anyone could answer, a faint high pitched scream ranged out.

"Chante!" Matt cried.

"Bronx, find her!" Goliath ordered.

Bronx started to sniff the ground. Then Bronx's head jerked up and forward and then he was off.

Everyone ran behind Bronx up two fights of stairs and into the hallway. Near the elevator they saw Chante.

Chante was in the center of a pile of downed soldiers who were injured or worse. Chante had a M-16 rifle in her hand that had a knife at the end of it. But it was obvious that she won't last much longer. Chante's clothes were in shreds. She had a long cut down her arm and leg.

"Chante!" Matt called out.

Chante turned around and saw Matt. "It's about time you guys got here!" She said.

Goliath and the other Gargoyles grabbed and threw the soldiers a side. The soldiers would just get up, tried to push their way past the Gargoyles to get to Chante.

"What is wrong with these humans?" Coldfire said as she strained to hold four soldiers up against the wall.

"I don't know but they are awfully strong!" Hudson said as he struggled to hold one of them down with his foot.

Matt ran through the melee to Chante's side. Matt caught a stumbling Chante before she could fall flat on her face.

"They... won't hurt you," Chante said breathlessly, as she leaned on Matt, "They are programmed only to attack me."

"Programmed??!" Everyone said at once.

"They are the-"

"GUA, the Government Ultimate Assassins," A voice said over the PA system cutting Chante off.

The soldiers suddenly stopped moving. They all stood there with zombie looks on their faces.

"Sevarius!" Goliath spat out as he unfurled his wings.

"He's a friend of yours?" Chante said weakly.

"Yeah," Brooklyn said, "Unfortunately."

"It's nice to see you here Goliath," Sevarius said, "this is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I've see that you met our guards. As your friend said, they can be programmed to do what ever I want."

"How can you perform your sick experiments on innocent people!" Angela said with contempt.

"They're not innocent really," Sevarius said. "They came from military rejects, military prisoners, and life term prison inmates who would just be wasting up space. They been around since the late 40's but I've been secretly hired to 'improve' them."

Everyone looked closer at the GUA who were now in a trance-like state. They looked just like normal people except that they had a very faint brow ridge like the Gargoyles and they had a very faint orange tint on the white of their eyes.

Bronx sniffed one of the GUA and growled.

"Everyone in a circle," Goliath whispered, "Bluestone and Chante in the middle,"

"I would prefer if you all just give up," Sevarius said. "After all a test subject is more valuable alive."

Goliath gave no answer. But his expression did.

Suddenly the GUA snapped to life. They looked at their targets with narrowing empty eyes.

One of the GUA smiled and took out an eight inch bowie knife.

"AHHHHHHHHHRAHHHHHHH!!" The GUA yelled as they charged.

Goliath was about to leap, but Coldstone was faster. He fired a few laser blasts, disabling the knives from several GUA.

Goliath leaped on the GUA who attempted to stab him. The others surged behind him.

"Everyone! Try not to get cut!" Chante yelled out, as she threw two GUA who were trying to attack her and Matt. Chante was standing under her own power now, and unnoticed by everyone, her cuts were healed. "I think the sight of blood excites them!"

"It figures," Broadway said as he barley avoided getting his neck slashed.

Coldfire blinded several GUA with a fire blast from her hands causing them to stubble around blindly.

Three GUA Tackled Hudson knocking him off balance.

"ARRRRRRR!" Hudson grunted struggling.

The GUA smiled, baring slightly fanged teeth. "Kill!" They roared out with glee.

"Hudson!" Goliath cried out as he was struggling with his own GUA.

Bronx bounded off a fallen GUA like a spring board. The GUA raised his knife but too slowly. Bronx grabbed the GUA's arm in his jaws and started yanking and tearing like a rabid dog.

"AHHHHHHHHHRRRR!" The GUA yelled out inhumanly in pain.

The remaining GUA on Hudson looked at their injured comrade with interest. They had a glistening look in their eyes, like a child who just got a piece of candy.

Then with a swift motion, the GUA turned on their injured comrade. They attacked him furiously. For the moment the Gargoyles were forgotten.

Taking the chance, everyone ran pasted the distracted GUA for the stairway.

"No you fools!!" Servarius yelled out, not very happy.

"Down the stairs hurry!" Goliath said.

"No, go up!" Chante said. "To the roof! You'll lose advantage on the ground!"

Nobody didn't argue with that. Everyone ran up to the roof to freedom.



After we got back to the castle everyone had questions. I wasn't surprised because it was expected.

"Why were you kidnapped?" Goliath asked.

I sighed. I was going to tell them the truth. But I didn't think it was going to be so soon.

"I was going to tell you all the truth eventually," I said.

"Tell us the truth about what?" Goliath asked.

"You all know part of the truth already," I said. "But I'll explain."

"About forty years ago I was adducted by aliens," I said. "I would of died if it wasn't for another captive. His name was Tah. He was from an alien race called the Sarfnars. He kept me safe until an alien being named Nokkar-"

"Nokkar?" Goliath, Elisa, and Angela said at the same time.

"You knew Nokkar?" I said surprised.

"We met him on Easter Island," Elisa said.

"He did say that he was on earth for many centuries," Goliath added.

"Well Nokkar was supposed to take me back home," I continued. "But we were attacked by the aliens who kidnapped me. And I ended up on Tah's ship with his brother and sister. We ended up in fight after fight with other alien races. It turned out that Tah and his people were in a cold war with the Tazis and their allies. Dragnok as you may know is one of those Tazis. Dragnok wasn't around yet. Because of the fact that Tah's ship was a scout ship and not a fighter ship, he couldn't take me home. I had to become a refugee on Tah's home world Sar. Where I was adopted by his people. I found out that a very long time ago, the Sarfnar's ancestors came to earth. They were called the Gargnars."

I looked at the reactions from the Gargoyles when I said that. I saw them stiffen. Little by little the truth dawned on them.

"When I saw the stone slabs I knew that it was true: The Gargoyles were the long lost ancestors of the Sarfnars."

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier?" Angela asked.

"I wanted to make sure," I said, feeling sorry. "I'm sorry I hid the truth for so long."

"Why did they come here and when?" Coldstone asked.

"To escape from war," I said. "The ancient Gargnars and another race called the Sapters had a war. These two were fighting on and off for Eons. Then one day during a brief peace agreement, several Sapters started the whole war all over again. After a few decades of fighting and many deaths, the Gargnars won. The Sapters who didn't want peace was banished to a planet called the Tanzess. 70,000 years later, the descendents of those banished Sapters came back. They were bigger and stronger than their Sar relatives. They wanted revenge and started up the war again. Those banished Sapters were now called the Tanze. Which became-"

"The Tazi," Elisa said picking up the connection immediately.

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

I nodded. "The Tanze came in the millions. Plus the Tanze had help from the Sapters. The death rate from the war was so high that the Gargnars were worried that they were going to be wiped out. So some Gargnars went to earth, just in case the war didn't turn out well. Fortunately, the Gargnars didn't get wiped out. The war ended in a draw and resulted in a peace agreement. Until about thirty years ago."

"So that's why you and Dragnok have a grudge," Matt said. "You got caught up in the war somehow."

"You don't even know the half of it," I said. "It a sad and painful story."

"Then you don't have to tell us," Goliath said.

"So what happened to the Gargnars that stayed on earth?" Angela asked.

"For a while the Gargnars on Sar and the Gargnars on earth kept in contact with each other. But then all connections were lost. It was never known if they made on earth."

"I guess we all know what happened to those Gargnars," Brooklyn said.

"Is that the reason why Dragnok is on earth?" Broadway asked. "Because he knows the truth?"

"No," I said. "Dragnok didn't know anything about the Gargnars before he got here. But now I think he might be suspecting. Dragnok is on a mission of conquest. The Tazis became a race of conquerors. They want earth because it's the closest planet to another star system."

For a while nobody spoke. I expected the Gargoyles to reject me. I hid the truth when I shouldn't of.

"You don't have to fight your battles alone Chante,"

Surprisingly that came from Matt.

"Bluestone is right," Goliath said. "You are a part of our Clan, and a Clan must stand together."

"We're your friends Chante," Angela added.

For a while I said nothing. I was a little overwhelmed. When you live a life of war, it's hard to just open and trust.

"You Gargoyles sound just like the Sarfnars," I said. "You two almost have the same identical values."

"Could you get in contact with the Sarfnars?" Coldfire asked. "To tell them that their descendants survived?"

"No I can't," I said. "Not unless you want to wait a few centuries for an answer."

All the Gargoyles looked down sad.

"But it's not the end of the world," I said. "Dragnok's presence on earth will be found out eventually by the Sarfnars, and then they'll find out about you guys."

"But until then we'll all fight Dragnok together." Goliath said.

"Now with that over with, and we all trust each other, there is one question Chante needs to answer," Brooklyn said.

Broadway nodded in agreement.

"What?" I asked.

"How in the world could you of fought Dragnok all this time and not get seriously hurt?" Brooklyn asked. "When we fought him we always get a few scratches but you end up unharmed."

"Oh that," I said. "I might as well tell you all. By a process called DNA bounding I have Sarfnar DNA in me. At least bounded to my human DNA. I get super human strength, and quick healing as a by product."

"Something just rang a bell in my head," Elisa said. "Remember when Angela's clone told us that Demona found human DNA in Gargoyles? Does this bounding process have anything to do with it?"

All the Gargoyles looked at me with renewed interest.

"I think so," I said. "If the ancient Gargoyles used DNA bounding, they had to permanently bound human DNA to theirs. DNA bounding can be made permanent or temporary. Permanent DNA bounding can be passed on to offspring and can't be reversed. Temporary bounding on the other hand can be reversed and can't be passed on. DNA bounding allows you to have the chosen effects of the DNA you want without effecting your DNA too much. The ancient Gargoyles had to of been exposed to something on earth that threaten their survival to have them permanently change their DNA."

"This proves that humans and Gargoyles are closer than we have ever imagined," Goliath said. "Both groups need each other to survive."

I noticed that Elisa and Goliath were looking at each other. All of this newly discovered information chopped down one stumbling block in their relationship.

I felt much better. I was adopted by two Clans, one on earth and one far away. In a strange way indirect way, the Gargoyles are also my people. Human, Sarfnar, and Gargoyle. Maybe all the events that led up to this happened for a reason. I had a feeling that I was part of something grand plan. That this was the beginning of something that might help us all.

Next episode...

Lexington journeys on and finds out the legend of the lost city of Atlantis is true...